Get ready to back to school in full fairy style with this post from Crystal! ❤

Crystal Oakbelle's Pixie Memories

School is just around the corner on the Mainland.  My first day is in August, but quite a few other pixies start in September.  What better way to prepare for the summer to end than to make and decorate your own Pixie Hollow inspired school supplies?  Additionally, you can buy stationary and other supplies (like erasers) that give off a Pixie Hollow vibe.


You can buy any notebook in any style you want and then decorate it to fit your personality, fairy, or style!  I thought of three ways you can go with this (or even more if you combine them).

  1. Centering the design around Tinkerbell and her friends or other fairies (which is great for elementary school, but might be considered a little young in some higher grades).  One might even be inspired to make their notebook look similar to Lizzie’s field journal.
  2. Themeing it around nature or other aspects of Pixie Hollow…

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