Raven’s latest Side Story – what do you think will happen next? :O


Where we left off….

Adjusting my long coat, I peer around the corner, straining for a glimpse of the popular pixie.

Maybe, just maybe, I can get to talk to her alone here.

After all, nobody could be as starstruck as to bother her at the Pixie Post Office, right?

I watch as she walks towards the counter, chats with Spring for a moment, and then moves behind the counter.

Moving carefully, I edge towards the row of golden mailboxes on the far wall. Pulling my hat down, I nod at Spring and move to the mailbox next to the redhead.

Opening my mouth, I prepare my speech.

“Oh. My. DUST.”

I groan, rolling my eyes.

“Is that you, Raven?”

I watch as Raven tries to disentangle herself from the overexcited brunette who has just trapped her in a hug.

“Remember me?” She says, pulling herself off Raven.

Raven grimaces.

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