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That’s right, Raven and I have been writing together again!  😀

Here’s a sneak peek from our first two POV’s:

Raven’s POV

June 18, Early Morning

I sit on my own blue stone and watch as the pixies on stones violet, orange, and red all take turns to duel.

Truth be told, I’m nervous. Rose and I have fought before, but not with magic, and one of us is usually not expecting it.

And, to increase my anxiety, most of the pixies here are good. Like, really good. I don’t have any practice!

I wipe my palms on my jeans and try to reassure myself. You’re good. You’re great. You’re a garden-talent, for Neverland’s sake. You can do this. Now stop whimpering, you insipid little…

Hey! Who gave my internal monologue permission to insult?

Shaking my head, I try to focus on the duel playing out in front of me. One of the fairies just summoned a giant branch, and started chasing her duelling partner around the arena with it. Is that even allowed?


Rose’s POV

June 18, Early Morning

“Next up – Blue stones!”

I stand up on the blue stone I was just sitting on and face my opponent.

Today’s duelling practice for all Pixie Elite Force members. We do it once a month, to keep our skills sharp. All the PEF members sit in a circle on coloured stones. For every coloured stone, there’s another of the exact same colour. Rachel, who’s the acting Head of Spells and Magic, calls out colours from a list. The two fairies that are sitting on that colour stand on the stone, take the oath and then duel.

My opponent today is Raven. She narrows her eyes at me from across the lawn.

Bring it, she mouths. I suppress a laugh.

Rachel lands in the middle of the duelling circle. “Because this is your first time Raven, I’ll explain the oath to you. This oath you are about to take means you are willing to abide by our rules for duelling. Are you ready?”

Raven nods.

“The rules are simple – you may use anything you wish to duel, so long as it’s not illegal, of course. There is to be no deliberate injuring, maiming or mangling in this duel. The duel is won when one fairy is on the ground for longer than five seconds or one surrenders. If the fight exceeds five minutes, then it is considered a draw. Do you understand and swear to abide by these rules?”

Rachel told me she based the rules on a Clumsy sport called boxing. I don’t see how boxes could be used in a sport. As far as I can see, they’d only get in the way.

“Yeah, yeah.” Raven flips her ponytail and places her hands on her hips.

Rachel nods. “Rose?”

“Yes, I swear.” I tell her.

Rachel smiles. “You may enter the arena.”

The other members chatter excitedly as Raven and I join Rachel in the arena. Rachel clicks her fingers, and a shield falls over the circle, like a dome, blocking out the noise.

“Scared, Potter?” Says Raven, quoting an old clumsy book we once found washed up on shore.

“You wish!” I shoot back, completing the reference.

Rachel rolls her eyes and steps back to the edge of the circle. “Ready?”

Both of us nod, eyes locked on each other.

“You may begin.”


So what do you think? Are you excited? Who do you think will win the duel? Well, you won’t have to wait long! We’re aiming to release the full story on the 19th of August.

Until then,

 – Rose  ❤