Can’t wait! 😀

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Welcome Pixies, welcome all! I am hosting the first Animal Masquerade Ball ever to be recreated to! You all wanted PixieHollow before fairyabc came out but now that it’s out nobody plays worlize. I just want a chance for us all to get together on worlize again because most of us pixies joined worlize FOR PixieHollow. We can’t just quit worlize because of something better! Who’s with me? Lol!!! also, I can’t play fairyabc. No computer. I use an app called Puffin Browser for worlize, but the google chrome and firebox browser apps won’t load my fairyabc at all! My friend, BREEZY CLOUDLASHES, created an account for me! Thank you again Breezy! 😸


meanwhile as I am posting this, she’s chatting with her right now! Although I’m pretty sure she’s gone crazy, she’s still my friend and I love craziness! Reason why I think she went crazy a…

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