Here we go again, with week 2 of the PHG!

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2016 Pixie Hollow Games
Week 2 Competitions
*~* September 8 – 14, 2016 *~*

Hi, Pixies!

Our first week of competitions has officially ended, so let’s announce the winners, shall we? 😉

Harvest Hustle High Score Competition

Gold = June (a.k.a. Gwyn) with a score of 82,640
Silver = Rose MorningMist with a score of 72,790
Bronze = Quicksilver Cloudshimmer with a score of 67,360

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you for everyone who participated!!! 😀

Design the Winner’s Trophy Competition

Since this is the Pixie Hollow Games winner’s trophy, we decided that the participants should decide! 😀

Here are the three amazing entries to choose from:

Winners will be announced soon, so vote now!!!

A leaderboard showing all the points awarded and the current standings will be posted very soon (probably later today or tomorrow)! A linked banner will also be added to Marigold’s home page, so keep checking back! 😉

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