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By the Second Star, I am so blown away right now!

That’s right, thanks to all you amazing pixies I’ve hit 5,000 views! :O

Now, I know to some people that’s probably not al that huge, but it is to me, so you’re going to have to deal with my little celebratory post here  😛

A hug thanks to all the people who read my blog on a regular basis, whether you’re in the PBC or not. You’re all amazing, so hugs for everyone! *hugs computer to pass on the hugs*

(Is it weird I actually hug my computer whenever I say that? So if you’re talking to me in a Google Hangout and I say group hug or something, I’m probably hugging my computer, making all my friends and family think I’m insane.)  XD

Anyway, to celebrate, I’m going to try really hard to update the Untold Tales for you guys this weekend.  ❤

Thank you so much – when I started out blogging, I didn’t think I’d actually get anyone reading my posts. You guys have inspired to keep posting stories and blogging and I assure you I won’t be stopping anytime soon.  😉

Well, I’m off to celebrate properly…  😛 *pulls out a few leftover fireworks from Christmas Chaos* ITS PARTY TIME!  😀

Thanks again,

– Rose MorningMist  ❤