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*hits you in the face with Princess Bride reference*

Hiya pixies!  😛

So, after looking at the results for the poll I published in my last post, Decisions, the winning option was… *drum roll*

A guide to the Forgotten Tales!  XD

Of course, this option was the one that was going to take the LONGEST to prepare O_O (thanks guys)

But, I am a pixie of my word, and so I have released the first parts of a section in the Forgotten Tales known as ‘Rose’s Guide’.

This is basically a guide to hopefully make the Forgotten Tales easier to understand. I know that I use some terms that weren’t used in the PH, and I also know some of my readers probably aren’t familiar with any PH terms or references at all.

Rose’s Guide currently has a Timeline with all the stories I have released so far in chronological order (because I know I release them all over the place), and a couple of pages dedicated to terms I use in the Forgotten Tales.

You can click here to go check them out!

I will be releasing more for Rose’s Guide in future, including a ‘Meet the Characters’ page, a dictionary filled with all sorts of terms I use, and a Map with key places.

I will be posting the rest of the options I had on that poll in order of popularity, so stay tuned  😉

Another quick little update – I finally finished my links page!  😀

I did notice when I was setting it up that a lot of PBC blogs have become inactive over the past few months… If you have the time, please stop by a few inactive blogs and leave a comment letting the authors know we miss them!  😉

I’m hoping to fix up my blog over the next few weeks to make it look a little more professional too, especially the Forgotten Tales, because to be honest, it could really use with some tidying up  😛

Well, until next time,

– Rose  ❤