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So recently Raven published this post, and it got me pretty angry about some things.

Usually, I’m not one to accuse people of stuff. I’m pretty laid back and I try to look at every angle of the situation before I act.

But this situation has gone too far, and someone needs to act.

I plan to post this on my wall in the FairyABC forums once the 2 hour maintenance is over:

So I’d like to express something, but before I do, I want to say this:

I love FairyABC. Really, I do. It’s been amazing to fly around the Hollow again, to meet new people. I think the creators have done a superb job at recreating the game and I understand that they’re working really hard to fix glitches, update things, answer emails and maintain the game in general. It’s amazing how much this game has improved in just a few months. I honestly hold no grudge against the creators whatsoever.

That said:

I’m usually not one to get involved with this sort of stuff, but what I’ve heard recently has made me sick.

Bullying, racism, people being reported for no reason, leading to pixies being punished for something they didn’t necessarily do. All this has happened in the space of a few months, and recently, I heard of a pretty severe case of them.

I’m not pointing fingers. I wasn’t there, so I have no right to do that. But the idea that fairies, people that used to play Pixie Hollow, the one place I knew I could go to when I felt down, when I was being bullied, the one place where I knew I could avoid that and be myself, those people are now misusing FairyABC.

See, Pixie Hollow and the people who played it taught me things. To be myself, to ignore the haters. And now, people are using it for the exact opposite reasons it was made for.

Let me say this now, loud and clear – bullying and racism, putting other people down, for what, just because you can? It’s vile. Behind the screen, we’re all human, and it doesn’t matter if the person has an avatar with a different coloured skin, or a personality you don’t like. So what? You’ve only met them once, maybe twice. How can you judge a person when you don’t know a single thing about them? For all you know, they could like the same music as you, or the same TV show, or enjoy hobbies as you do. They could be the most famous person in the world or your best friend – you just don’t know. No one deserves to be treated like that. You don’t, I don’t, the person you’re offending doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been equally horrible to you, or made you angry, you just don’t do it. What’s the point? What do you even get out of it?

This needs to stop. I don’t want FairyABC to turn into a site where people are constantly put down. And don’t get me wrong – there’s hundreds of players that aren’t offenders, that probably think the same as I do or maybe don’t even know about it in the first place, but it needs to end. If you see this happen, report the offender/s, but please, make sure you know who the offender is before you do. No one should be banned because of a false accusation.

I know there’s a huge chance no one will even see this, and even if they do, especially if they’re an offender, they’ll dismiss it or begin to make fun of me too. Guess what? I don’t care. Even if I’ve made one person, a single person aware of this problem, and next time they see this happen, they do something about it, I’ll be happy. I’m not trying to fight someone else’s battle, or start another one, I just want this to stop. Like I said, Pixie Hollow taught me to be myself and ignore the haters, so I’m not going to just sit on the sidelines and watch it happen. Say what you want about me, but this is my opinion on the matter and you can’t change that. You can only change yours.

I once considered Pixie Hollow to be the best game on Earth, because of the people you met, and the amazing friendships you made.

What has it become now?


I tried to say it in a way that wasn’t offensive to anyone… I don’t know. I’m just angry that this has happened and I really wanted to express that opinion. Racism and bullying are two major problems in todays society and they need to stop. The fact that Raven, one of the most loyal and kind people I know, even if a little crazy (but hey, so am I), and other friends from the Pixie Chat, some of which are the sweetest and caring pixies you’ll ever meet, are being subjected to this makes me really tick.  :/

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with my friends.  😛

This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop playing FairyABC. Overall it’s a great place and a majority of the people are awesome. I was actually planning to make a post about it before I learnt of the full monstrosity of what’s been going on, and this isn’t going to stop me. I’m not going to quit like Raven did, because I don’t believe that will solve the problem (I totally understand why she did, however), and if we all leave, all that’s going to be left are the offenders, and that’s not okay.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant, I’m sorry I just dumped that on you like that, but I needed to vent. I hope you understand.


 – Rose MorningMist   ❤