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Rose, are you insane? Why would you name a post ‘Purple Snow’? There’s no such thing!

You may be right, but a car drive home yesterday made me think of something I wanted to share – My favourite part of Spring.

You see, here in Australia we have these trees called jacarandas (pronounced jack-a-ran-da) which usually bloom in November. I take a special liking to these trees because when in bloom, the trees grow hundreds of purple flowers:

Image result for jacaranda

Here’s what they look like up close:

Image result for jacaranda flower

What’s really cool is that these trees are scattered everywhere around where I live – and on the drive home yesterday I noticed they were finally in bloom…

Uh huh, that’s great Rose. But I still don’t quite understand the whole ‘Purple Snow’ thing…

Well, there are some places where jacaranda trees have been planted in groups, such as along the side of a road, and when the flowers fall from the tree, they blanket the ground and look almost like purple snow.


I guess you could say they’re the cherry blossoms of Australia, in a way  😛


^This would be Rose if she could get her hands on some of these flowers!  😉

Whilst I have the chance I’d also like to apologise for how inactive I’ve been in the past couple of weeks. I’ve been pretty busy with school as exams are coming up… That and a had a pretty bad case of writers block for several reasons… But the block broke this morning and now I’m being hit with inspiration from pretty much everywhere, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the slack  XD

Another quick thing – recently, Raven released her monthly Pixie News post, and I wanted to recommend the song she chose this month – It’s called ‘The Aviators’. Have a listen to it:

I’ve seriously fallen in love with this song. I love piano/string instrumentals and this piece is truly beautiful – Not quite sad or happy, kind of more hopeful I guess, but honestly, I love it  😉

Well, until next time!

Fly with you all later,

Rose MorningMist