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Hey everyone!  😀

So I was inspired today by Stella’s post to create a Christmas-themed edit! Stella published a post showing off some really cool outfits she had made on Azaleas Dolls, which got me thinking…

I asked her for the link and was lucky enough that she replied less than an hour later:


After a little work on Pixlr, I had my finished result, which I’m overall pretty happy with.  🙂 This was a style of editing I haven’t tried before, so for my first time I think it went pretty well.  😛

Here it is:


Please don’t use unless given permission and/or giving full credit to Rose MorningMist.

What do you think? Unfortunately, the game didn’t give me an option for different poses, so I had to flip Ruby’s picture, which is why she looks a little strange.  😛

You can have a go at the game yourself by clicking here.

Anyway, I hope you like it!  😉

‘Till next time,

– Rose  ❤