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Hey pixies,

Yep, I just updated the Untold Tales again! :O

This is what, the second time in a couple of weeks – it must be a new record!  😛

I’ve actually been writing a lot of the Untold Tales lately. I find I go through phases of writing up certain stories, depending on what inspiration I have at the time. If I haven’t posted anything new for the Forgotten Tales in a while, you’ll probably find I’m working on an unfinished story that hasn’t been released yet.  XP

I also finally took the time to clean up the layout of the main Forgotten Tales page, so it looks a lot more neat and orderly now.  😉

You can click here to check out the new update for the Untold Tales, and here if you want to see the new Forgotten Tales layout.

I’m actually on a seven week break now over Christmas, so I hope to be posting more often (I know, I say that every holidays, but maybe I’ll actually stick to posting every few days this time. Maybe.), and not just stories, either. I’m hoping to finally publish some other posts I’ve wanted to write up for some time now, but I’ve been to busy to do so.

Well, cya ’round the waterfall,

– Rose  ❤