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Hey all!

So for me, tomorrow is Christmas!  😀

I did have a few ideas for special posts I could do, but honestly, I’ve taken some time recently to just step back and have a break from deadlines and basically anything stressful. I’m enjoying being able to do things in my own time, without school getting in the way. Because of this, I didn’t organise a Christmas Special for the Forgotten Tales like I did with Raven last year.

(This pretty much translates to me binge watching a whole heap of YouTube series, playing Eden Eternal and staying up super late because for some reason, all my good story ideas and inspiration for writing come at 11pm at night.)  😛

However, I have noticed that me taking a break from everything has meant I’ve posted a lot less. I really don’t want this blog to become inactive, so I told myself to get up and stop watching people play Undertale (Dan and Phil, I blame you for this obsession) and post for the first time in what feels like forever.

(I just checked – it’s actually only been about 13 days, but that’s still pretty bad for me.)

So, to make up for my terrible slackness, I come to you this Christmas Eve with a little bit of poetry:

A White Christmas?

Most people dream of a Christmas with lots of fresh white snow

Falling from the sky,

But what about places where, at Christmas, hot winds blow?

Places where ‘a White Christmas’ is all a lie?

We never wake to see

Snow outside our door

The most we’ll get will be

A rather heavy downpour

Instead winter scarves and gloves,

We’ll put on wide-brimmed hats,

And set off to see the ones we love,

To houses, homes and flats,

We may not have a ‘White Christmas’

Not that we want it that badly,

But in the end, for all of us,

Christmas is about family.


This is the first time I’ve written poetry in a while, so no judging!  😛

Anyway, I hope you all have an wonderful Christmas. Make sure you catch up with family and eat waaaaaay to much food, because ultimately, that’s what this season’s about.  😉

Happy Holidays,

 – Rose MorningMist 

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