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It’s actually happing this time.

Worlize is closing for good.

Now, when you log on, everyone is greeted with this:


Honestly, I haven’t really had time to use Worlize of late. Between posting, writing stories and juggling my school and (very little) social life as well, there’s just been no time to get onto it.

I orginally signed up for Worlize to recreate the Hollow, but now, we have FairyABC. However, this doesn’t mean I’m sad to see it go. I met a lot of people on Worlize and we had some really fun times. So I’d like to take a moment to pay a tribute to Worlize, and all the awesome memories I have of it.  ❤



Entering my World for the first time in quite a while!


Here are a few of my favourite avatars


My home


The Fairy Tale Theatre, where I’ve spent much time watching and dancing to YouTube clips with friends



 Visiting Mermaid Grotto and the Coral Reef underneath

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Some pictures of the places outside of the Hollow I created


One of the many PH shops I recreated


My Office, in which I spent my time when I wasn’t creating things

You can also click here to check out my awesome memories of Pixie Prom a couple of years ago.

Worlize was a wonderful way for people to express their creativity and meet new people. I really enjoyed my time playing it and it’s sad to know it’s going to close. I understand that some people are creating a fundraiser, however, as the creators have expressed, a game such as Worlize takes thousands of dollars to keep running every year. I personally, have accepted this closure but I will always keep the wonderful memories I made whilst playing close to my heart.

 – Rose MorningMist