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Hi everyone!

I guess after a title like that, I probably need to explain.

Around a year and a half ago, the Lost Writers and I finally completed the prolougue and Part 1 of the Lost Stories, after months and months of work. However, when I looked back on them a few months ago, I realised there was a problem. I’ve written a lot of stories since publishing Part 1, not to mention developed the plotline as well as Rose as a character a lot more. Seeing as the Lost Stories is one of the very last tales on the timeline, nearly everything I’m writing (or have written) happens before the Lost Stories, and because of that, a lot of things have started to clash with it.

The Lost Stories is also one of the first things I wrote, and so not only is the grammar and spelling terrible, but it was written more from my own perspective as someone who had witnessed Closure, not as the character I’ve developed over time that we know as Rose.

In short – I wasn’t satisfied with the published version and I felt it was very out of place, when it’s surrounded by lots of other stories that are all sticking to a plotline.

Hopefully that makes sense, but if it doesn’t, feel free to let me know in the comments or via email and I’ll try to explain it to you better.

It’s because of all the reasons above I’ve chosen to rerelease the Prolougue and Part 1 of the Lost Stories. You can find them via the Forgotten Tales page or click on the links below:

Prolougue – Clousre: https://pixehollowourbiggestsecret.wordpress.com/the-forgotten-tales/the-lost-stories/prologue/

Part One – A Solemn Oath: https://pixehollowourbiggestsecret.wordpress.com/the-forgotten-tales/the-lost-stories/part-1/

Even if you have read the old version of these, I’d suggest you take the time read the newer version as well. There’s a few things that I’ve added or removed to stop it from clashing with the Forgotten Tales storyline as a whole.

With that said, Part 2 is still a working progress. The Lost Writers and I are working on it, but it may be a while before you see anymore new content from this story. It’s a big project, and we want to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be.

Whilst we’re on the topic or rereleasing things, I wanted to mention I may be doing the same with The Last Spring. This was the first short story I ever wrote, so the same reasons to why I wanted to rerelease the Lost Stories apply to this one too.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’d also like to quickly take the chance to let you know I’ll be away for a few days, so you probably won’t see any new posts until next week.


 – Rose MorningMist  ❤