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Fly with you all,

Wow, it’s been so long since I last posted! School went back last week and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

I realised also haven’t updated any stories in forever. I’ll try and pick up the slack and publish some new content soon.  😉

So, this is the first post of a series I’m thinking of doing, where I pick a topic and share what I think are my top 10 favourites. This isn’t really something I’ve done before, so be sure to let me know down in the comments what you think of it!

As the title suggests, today I’ll be showing you my current top 10 favourite songs!

Now, I say current because I’m constantly finding new songs that I like. I’ll also try to choose 10 songs from different artists, to mix things up a bit.  😉

So, without further ado and in no particular order, here we go:


Brave Enough (feat. Christina Perri) by Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is an artist I only learnt of very recently, thanks to my friend  Faith (previously known as Snowflake) Fancypuff (thanks Faith), and I instantly fell in love with her music. Lindsey Stirling is an alternate musician who’s main instument is actually the violin, and most her songs don’t actually have words. The songs are modern, but each is very unique and beautiful in it’s own way. This song in particular is one I really liked – Brave Enough is colab with Christina Perri, and I really love the buildup and transition from the chorus to the instrumental.



I am Moana (Song of the Ancestors) from Disney’s ‘Moana’

So recently, I finally got the chance to see Moana, and I thought it was a really beautiful movie. This song particualrly reduced me to a sobbing mess during the movie, and I find it really inspiring to listen to. I think it has a lot of important messages in the lyrics and the music is really powerful.



All to Well by Taylor Swift

I have a lot of Taylor’s music. I love how the songs have so many layers of instruments and vocals, but one of my all time favourites has to be this song from her Red album. It tells a full story in about five minutes and it reminds me a bit of my OTP Tenrose. *sobs in the corner*  😛



The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm) by ThisIsTheFatRat

Strange name, I know, but I found this song from a custom level on Geometry Dash, so it’s kind of expected.  😛 Although I really hate some of today’s most recent music, which is very repetetive and computer generated, I really enjoy remixes (such as this) and dubstep. I guess it’s because dubstep and remixes are all very unique, but most of today’s top hits all sound the same.



The Words by Christina Perri

This song is truly beautiful. I find alot of Christina Perri’s songs are really sweet, but the reason this makes my top ten is because she dedicated the song to my other OTP, Captain Swan! Turns out, Chistina is a Oncer – that gives her a whole heap of extra brownie points in my book.  😉

(Did I mention Colin O’Donoghue stars in the offical clip?)  😀



Take the World On by Meri Amber

Meri Amber is a geek pop song writer that I actually met at my first convention, popcon. She was the guest for that month and that was how I was introduced to her music. This song is part of her album Pop Goes the TARDIS, which as you can probably guess, is a collection of songs about Doctor Who. This is probably my favourite song of hers, as it’s really clever and inspirational. Two of my favourite lines from this song are ‘everything was impossible once’ and ‘you might be scared but/you’ve got a brave heart’. I actually made some wallpapers for my iPod with those lines as quotes!  😛



Pretend it’s Home by Beth Crowely

A bit like Meri Amber, Beth Crowely is a singer/songwriter who writes songs based on books! This song is based on the Divergent series, but she’s also written ones based on the Mortal Instruments, Red Queen, Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, and many more.

(Don’t mind me, I’ll be over here in the corner crying because of all the Fourtris feels.)



Will Be Forgetting This by Elias Naslin

This song was used as an intro to one of my favourite YouTube series, MyStreet. Can I just applaud Aphmau’s taste in music? A lot of her series have lead me to some amazing songs and soundtracks that I would never have found otherwise. This song was an opening for Season 3, but I would also reccomend checking out Faster Car (the Season 2 opening) and Be With You (the Season 4 opening). I’ll probably talk about MyStreet in another post, because if I explained it now, we’d be here all day.  😛



Together Or Not At All by Murray Gold

This is a soundtrack from Doctor Who, and let me just say, Murray Gold is an amazing songwriter. All his soundtracks are so fitting to their scenes. The scene that goes with this song was quite emotional, but the song was what tipped me over the edge. It’s such a powerful song and it made me bawl my eyes out. I have a lot of soundtracks from Doctor Who that this guy has written, so if you want some reccomendations, let me know down in the comments.


The Aviators by Helen Jane Long

This was a song reccomended in one of Raven’s monthly Pixie News, which I really enjoyed. It’s a beautiful piano piece – I think I’ve mentioned it before in another post. If you’re looking for some relaxing instrumentals, I’d definetly look at some of Helen Jane Long’s music, starting with this one.


Of course, there were so many songs I love that I could have gone on forever. What did you think? Are there any songs you liked or have heard before? Do you like the idea of me doing more ‘top 10’ posts? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading (and listening),

 – Rose  ❤