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Hi guys!

So I want to start of this post by noting that I know I haven’t published any stories recently, even after I mentioned I was going to try and rerelease the Last Spring in a previous post. There’s a reason to this – after the change in the Forgotten Tales plotline (click here to read the post), a lot of plot holes were left in the series, including things such as events that happened in Pixie Hollow prior to Rose being born. You all know how much I hate plot holes, so I’ve decided to go back to the very beginning and figure out the entire plot (well, at least for the major events and stories) from start to finish. The Forgotten Tales is something I’ve worked really hard on over the past two years, and I want to see it finished properly. Hopefully I’ll get the time to publish a few side stories in the near future though.  🙂

With that said, let’s move onto todays post, in which I’ll be sharing some of the funniest, craziest and just plain terrible comments that’ve shown up in my spam box.

Here we go!


This was from my post that talked about the possibility of fandom posts. The title was a reference to Game of Thrones (even though I don’t watch it), and I don’t think this person quite caught on.  😛


Uhh… thanks?! I don’t think I need to worry about going bald pretty much ever though, at least I hope not! (And I’m not too sure what it has to do with my massive stack of books I talked about in my post!)


The grammar in this really, really, gets to me. If you’re going to spam, THEN LEARN TO SPELL!

*Ahem* Sorry. My inner writer came out there.  😛


… Thanks? I don’t know how intrested your brother would be in my content though.  XD


Um, wasn’t the entire point of that post to go off the video? After all, that was all the information we had on the episode at the time, and I wanted to share my theories with someone. But thank you for thinking I’m intelligent!  😛

My fandom posts aren’t really supposed to be hugely ‘informative’ anyway. They’re just a bit of fun.


I literally have no words for this comment, it’s hilarious. I feel like he might be from the past and taken a trip with the Doctor.


That’s about it! I’m sorry this post is a short one, but it’s exam period for me so I’m trying to juggle that on top of everything else at the moment. As usual, I’ll probably still post as much I can though.  😉

Thanks for reading,

 – Rose  ❤