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Hi pixies!

So Faith (previously known as Snowflake) has decided to do another poetry challenge, and as I’m always up for a test of my creative skills, I’ve decided to participate!

Here’s the prompt this time around:

Iridessa and her fireflies

Hmmm, let’s see… I think I’ll write this poem freestyle, and from Rose’s POV!


The last light of the day

Disapears from the sky

Now as the moon rises

The fireflies will fly

Light Talents all around

Giving them their glow

I watch as they dance and play

And wonder where they’ll go

Sitting back, I stare up

At the stary Never sky

Remembering all the times

I’d count them as a child

Sitting on the orphanage roof

With my brother by my side

We’d talk with our friends,

And sing Mum’s old lullaby

I smile at the memory

And brush away a tear

My hand clutching the gift from you;

The shell necklace I always keep near.


What do you think? I didn’t really have any plan for this poem; I just kind of sat down with this music in the background and began to write, and I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out!

If you want to participate in Faith’s challenge, you can click here to check out her post. It’s simple – you just have to write a poem based on the prompt. It can be any style you like, and feel free to check out the rest of her awesome blog whilst you’re there.  😉

Thanks for reading,

 – Rose  ❤