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Hey pixies,

So before you read this poem, I thought I’d give a bit of context for the rant it contains it’s slightly… passionate tone.  XD

There’s something that’s kind of been bothering me these past few months, and that’s how influencial society’s epectations are on our lives. It’s not really anything anyone’s deliberately said or done, more so something I’ve noticed going about day to day life.

As you probably can gather, I’ve never been the most popular kid (what even is popularity anyway), so by the time I was halfway through high school I accepted my fate and just stopped trying to ‘fit in.’  😛

Essentially, I started to embrace the crazy, over-imaginative fangirl that is myself and whilst some people I know are quite happy to accept that, I’ve noticted that most people just give me weird looks and are quite happy to insult my love of reading, or my fandoms, or my slight YouTube addiction.

Now, I know that a lot of those kind of remarks aren’t meant to be hurtful, but I can’t help but feel they are aimed at me, or rather, the aspects of my life that make up my personality, and I’m alright with them making a joke and to laugh alongside everyone else, but I can’t help but walk away from those situations doubting myself.

So I though whilst I was feeling rather annoyed about this situation, why not write a poem about it?

I hope you like it!  😉

 – Rose  ❤


Who I am

Some say I’m an odd one

Some say I’m just plain weird

What I don’t understand is

Why is the world so ready to hate

On something, on someone

Who doesn’t act the same?

Hello, my name is Rose

Well not really, it’s a screen name

I’m a writer, a blogger

A YouTuber, a fangirl

I write stories about my childhood game

I make videos about the fandoms I love

I try to express myself through the words I write

Because my mind goes blank when I try to speak them

Hello, my name is Rose

I’m a little anti-social

I still make mistakes

And I’m still trying to learn from them

I know I’ll never be perfect

I know my logic is sometimes flawed

But I’m trying my best to be a good person

Hello, my name is Rose

I’m never going to wear makeup everyday

Or wear the latest trends

Or get social media

None of the above have ever intrested me

Yes, my room is always going to be filled with posters

No, I will not stop fangirling, my ship is adorable

I know I’m not great at art, or piano or even poetry

But I do it anyway


Because I enjoy it

Because I make my own choices

Society does not get to rule my life

Not my hair, my clothes, my look

Not my hobbies, what I read, what I write

Not what I watch, or my personality

I choose these things

Because they’re what make me unique

This is who I am

I know some won’t be able to accept that

Not ever

I know some may find me strange

And always will

I know some may not understand

Why I read books for hours on end

Why I’m so invested in my fandoms

Why I own this blog

Why I write my stories

And they’ll never try to

But I’ll try not to mind

I chose this path

I chose to be myself

Instead of following the crowd

This is who I am

And this is how I’ll stay

Take it, or leave it

Because I’m never

Going to change.