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Hey everyone!

Good news! The Once Upon A Time finale didn’t kill me… Though I did cry my eyes out for a good ten minutes towards the end. Happy tears, though, which was a nice change.  😛

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a full month… Absolutely unacceptable. XP

Okay, so I’m super sorry I’ve been so inactive this month. There’s been several times I’ve gone to post something, but I’ve just never been able to start writing. It’s almost like I had writers block for blogging.  :/

As I’ve probably mentioned in previous posts, this year is a really busy one academic-wise and I’ve had to start focusing a lot more on school work. However, recently, it’s not so much that I’ve had assessments keeping me from posting and more that I’ve just been coming home physically drained, and the last thing I want to do is be productive. True, I could of written something short and posted it up, but I don’t really like doing that sort of thing, if I can avoid it. I pride myself in publishing (what I hope is, for the most part) good-quality content on this blog, and a that can leave big gaps in between posts as a majority of that is stories.

The thing is, there’s no real structure to how I write the Forgotten Tales. I find my writing is best when I’m inspired or feeling really intense emotions, and when I do, I write whatever I’m feeling most motivated to write, which is why I have so many stories being uploaded from all over the Forgotten Tales timeline. When I’m tired, like I have been a lot recently, I find that whilst I can have some great ideas, it’s really hard to put them onto a page. That, and after previous situations such as the time where I’ve accidentally re-wrote a part of a story that was already included in the previous update, I like to have a solid idea of all the events that are to happen to avoid clashes and plot holes, so I’m unlikely to publish a part of a story without having finished, or at least know exactly what’s to happen in the rest of it. As for poems, I tend to just write those as the ideas come, which is why they’re posted less frequently.

Which reminds me – Faith Fancypuff emailed me a few days ago with my badge for participating in her poetry challenge back in March! Here it is:


Isn’t it pretty?  😀

I’d also like to take this chance to thank you all for a massive overall 7,000 views for this blog – it really warms my heart to know people enjoy what I post.  🙂

Actually, I hit 7,000 a little while back, so the count has gone up even more since, so thank you all so much.  ❤

Anyway, I think that’s about it for this post. I’d like to note that my assessment starts up again in a few weeks time, and on top of that I’ll be away for about twelve days in the middly of June, so I there may be another long gap between posts… However, something I’d love to share before I get too busy is a short story that I recently wrote for a school assessment – we did a creative writing topic recently and had to come up with an original story for the test, so whilst it’s not related to the Forgotten Tales, I still think you might enjoy it.  😉

Thanks for reading,

– Rose  ❤