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Secrets of a Garden Pixie

I’ve been thinking about what magic means lately. Magic is holding optimism and wonder dearly in your heart. It is curiosity, wonder, mystery, optimism, reverie, and timelessness all wrapped up and contained in a single beating heart. Some might say – but isn’t magic having supernatural powers? Like flying? Or making something out of nothing? In movies and books, sure. That’s one way of considering it. But it doesn’t have to be so; and it can be so much more. Let’s face it – if that were the only definition of magic we would all be excluded from being magical. 

Magic happens every time you refuse to abandon hope, and persevere.

Magic is a healthy mix of love and humility with regards to oneself. 

Magic happens every time you choose to listen to your heart.

Magic happens every time you dare to be who you really are, or to…

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