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Bit of a short post today, but I have a couple of random haikus to share… There’s not really a backstory for these ones – to be honest, they’re something I wrote for an activity I was set in class the other day (wow, my teachers have been giving me a lot of creative writing stuff lately). The theme was isolation… Anyway, I hope you like them.  🙂


The darkness creeps in

I fight hard, but in the end

It consumes my soul


Silent Plea

I try to reach out

I scream, desperate for help

But no one listens


What do you think? They’re a bit more serious than the usual poetry I write, but it was interesting to try a new kind of topic.

On a lighter note, I’m on holidays again, which (wings crossed) should give me time to finish some more Forgotten Tales writing! I know I say that every holidays, but this time I actually have a few things that I should be able to finish before school goes back. This should (hopefully) include a new part for the Untold Tales and another chapter in Rose’s Guide.  😉

Until then,

– Rose  ❤