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Hello everyone!

So as I promised, I’ve finally published some new content for the Forgotten Tales. If you check out Rose’s Guide, you’ll find a new section released in Chapter 1. Here’s a quick preview:

Talents and Talent Symbols

Taken from the textbook ‘A Brief Guide to the History of Pixie Hollow’ by Jessamine Brightsparkle

Many years passed, and the population of both pixies and Clumsies on Neverland grew. The pixies were now living in the Pixie Dust Forest, which held the largest number of pixie dust trees on the island. Additionally, they’d learnt that they could use their wings to fly as fast as any grown Clumsy could run, sometimes faster, with the help of some pixie dust, the golden substance they were born in. Outside the forest, pixie dust trees were difficult to find, and combined with the harsh weather conditions, it was difficult for pixies to venture outside the forest to collect materials.

However, things were changing for pixies. Those who had been among the first laughs, who had come to be known as the Fae, had become aware of a magic within them. Once their magic was awakened, a Fae could use their magic in a way no other could, from art to cooking, even controlling the weather. No Fae had the same power. These powers came to be known as ‘Talents’…


You can click here to read the rest, or you can find it through the Forgotten Tales section on this blog.

It’s only the first half of this section (Talents), so expect the second half (Talent Symbols) to come soon.  😉

Also, I’m doing a massive rerelease of everything I’ve written for the Untold Tales so far, kind of like what I did with the Lost Stories. It won’t have any plot changes as such, it’ll just (hopefully) be written a bit better, so expect that in the future, alongside a new update to the story as well.


– Rose  ❤