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A bit of a spontaneous post – the title kind of speaks for itself, so let’s get straight into it!  😛

1. This blog is called ‘Pixie Hollow – Our Biggest Secret’ for a reason

I grew up playing Pixie Hollow, and as I got older, I didn’t really stop, so by 2013, when it was announced the game was closing, I guess you could say that I was a lot older than the expected age of someone playing a game based around fairies. I know I’ve mentioned in several posts how the Hollow was a kind of escape from my life, where I could be myself. However, back then I was very self-concious of what other people though of me in my real life, and you can probably imagine that ‘oh yeah, I play in a virtual world about fairies’ probably would be percieved as weird by most people, which is understandable – it’s not something you’d expect from someone that age. As a result, I didn’t really share that part of my life with many people, which is why I included ‘Our Biggest Secret’ in my blog title, because it was a big part of my life that I kept hidden from most people, and it still is – not as much, but enough. These days, I’ve accepted the fact that some people will always see my blog as weird, and fair enough – but so long as they can accept I will always be a child at heart, I don’t mind. As for my blog name, it stays the same as a reminder of where something wonderful ended and something equally beautiful began… Besides, I’ve kept it for three years – no point in changing it now!

2. The Forgotten Tales was never supposed to exist

To be totally honest, I never planned the Forgotten Tales. It just kind of happened. I say that the Hollow is what re-sparked my intrest in writing, which is true, but my first ideas had nothing to do with the series I write today. Originally, I had a set of four stories planned, starting with one called ‘The Best Month of My Life’ (some of you may remember I had a ‘sneak preview’ of this story up on my blog for quite some time). The storyline went that a girl woke one morning in our world, a month after Closure, to find that every player of Pixie Hollow had transformed into a human-sized version of his/her avatar. This story wasn’t going to be set in the Hollow at all. The main character was still Rose, but the plot was extremely different (and not very good, looking back). After writing a short story as part of Marigold’s Event Commitee for the PBC’s 2015 Spring Celebration, I started getting ideas for other little short stories I could post up about Rose and her life in Pixie Hollow, but the big turning point was the Lost Stories. After that I began to get other ideas for stories that could exist on the same timeline, and I ended up canning The Best Month of My Life and the stories after it and instead focused on developing a new series, and thus, the Forgotten Tales was born.

3. The icon next to the URL actually has a meaning

This is a bit of a random one, but after I realised you could change the icon next to the URL on your blog, I got rid of the standard one (which was my old avatar) and replaced it with three butterflies, the current icon. The butterflies are supposed to represent the three MorningMist children – Rose, Dustin and Ruby.

4. This WordPress blog was never supposed to be active

Okay, so if you’ve been around since 2015 you may already know this one, but originally I blogged on a completely different site to WordPress. I created this blog when I was having trouble getting into my old blog’s admin page, but eventually it started working again, so I just abandoned the little work I had done on this blog and just used my WordPress account to comment and guest author on other WordPress blogs. Eventually I had some major technical difficulties with my old blog, where no one could access it, so I grabbed everything I’d published on that blog and moved to WordPress. There was a day there where I spent seven hours publishing all 40 posts I’d originally had on my old blog, just so people could still access them. That was an exhausting day!

5. This is the 300th post on this blog

I honestly can’t believe that in the space of three years, I’ve posted 300 times! I never thought that when I first started blogging I’d still be here today, and I owe a lot of it to you guys. Writing is a passion I’ve always had, so to be able to share what I write with others and for them to genuinely enjoy reading it is really amazing, so thank you, so much. You’re all awesome.  😉

Thanks for reading,

Rose MorningMist  ❤