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Hey everyone!

So I know I’m a day or two late entering this challenge, but things have been… Really, really crazy for me lately. I’ve had several assessments to prepare for and hand in since school went back for me, and that’s left me pretty drained. I’ve just been too exhausted to work on anything else, which kind of sucks.  :/

Fortunately, Faith extended the deadline to the 13th of August. I was lucky enough to have a small window of free time earlier this week in which inspiration struck and managed to write a little haiku for the challenge. Faith, I am sososososososososo sorry I didn’t get the poem entered in time… Anyway, here it is.

The Smell of Flowers

The smell of flowers

On the breeze, their sweet perfume

Surrounding my friends



What do you think? I chose to use the first image as my stimulus material, which was surprising as I originally decided I was going to write a poem for the second one. The inspiration came as I was waiting for my transport back home earlier this week, and I caught a whiff of the scent of some flowers on the breeze. 30 seconds later, I was coutning out the syllables for a haiku.  😛

Quick Forgotten Tales Update: I know, I still haven’t posted up the new section of the Untold Tales or the rest of the ‘Talents and Talent Symbols’ part for Rose’s Guide… I may not be able to release anything for another week or two yet. I want to have the time to sit down and do it properly, rather than rush the job and finish with some half-attempted product. I hope you guys will understand.  🙂

Thanks for reading,

– Rose  ❤