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I know, I know… I’m so busy with assessments that I don’t post for weeks, and then I post twice in two days?

Well, like I mentioned in the title, this came from nowhere. I just felt the need to express myself (a bit like my ‘Who I Am’ poem) and seeing as writing a story about it would take too long, why not write a poem about it?  😛

I don’t really know how to explain the meaning behind this poem… Which is kind of ironic, once you read it.

Anyway, I hope you like it,

– Rose  ❤


Speak Out

I envy the people

Who are so skilled in this art

The people who can, so easlily,

Speak their mind out loud…

I try to, I swear

To explain myself

My thoughts, my emotions…

But somewhere between

My mind and my mouth

Something changes

The words jumble

I stumble, I stutter

I try so hard to speak out

But the more intense the emotion

Anger, sadness, love, fear

The harder it is…

My emotions bubble in my chest

And my mind is screaming

The words I want to say…

Maybe I’ll be able to speak them

Maybe, one day.