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The new update, as promised. Enjoy!  😉

Talent Symbols

…Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Despite the magic the pixies dust trees created, preventing anyone from growing old, pixies live on the belief of Clumsies, and in early times, only the Clumsy tribe living in Neverland knew pixies existed. As more new pixies arrived, many that were older came to be forgotten, including the Fae, causing many unique Talents to be lost.

Realising it was only a matter of time before they too met the same fate, the remaining Fae decided to give up their Talents, so that future generations could inherit them and make use of their powers. Each of them, including the Gifted, chose an object that they deemed important to represent their Talent and contained their power inside of it. It should be mentioned that the Gifted, knowing the nature of their Talents, enchanted their objects to ensure that no fairy would ever be able to inherit their entirety of their power…


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I’m still working on the Untold Tales update, but here’s a little sneak preview. It’s yet to be edited, so I apologise for any spelling or grammar errors:

“Since the Queen passed the law against Forbidden Children, more and more kids have been showing up. Madame Shadow’s just too lazy to buy stuff to better accommodate for it. The only reason she bought bunk beds was because an inspector was coming ‘round, and she didn’t think they’d take well to seeing kids sleeping on the floor.” She cuts her pastry in half to help it cool. I watch the steam curl up and disappear in the air.

Sage sighs. “Willow, you do realise they probably didn’t understand a word you just said, right?” Not bothering with his cutlery, he picks up his food with his hands and takes a big bite of it. “They’re new.”

“Ah, sorry! I forgot again.”

I open my mouth to speak – I have so many questions to ask Willow and Sage – What’s a Forbidden Child, or an inspector? How many kids live in the orphanage? Do our parents come to visit? Can we visit them?


I also want to say a big thank you for over 8,000 views!  ❤

On a side note, I’m attending a convention in a few weeks and will probably return with a ton of merchindise. I’m thinking of possibly doing another convention haul post, and I wanted your thoughts. Let me know in the comments.  🙂

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