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Hey everyone,

Wow! Time really does fly. It’s strange – the start of this year seems so far away, but almost as if it were only a few months ago, all at the same time. Does that makes sense, or is it just me?

The weather this Spring has been really strange – one day, it’s hot and humid and the next, it’s almost like Winter again. I suppose this wouldn’t be a problem for pixies… If it’s too hot, you could always just visit the Winter Woods or Autumn Forest to cool down, and vis versa. Come to think of it,ย what would the weather inย Havenish Square be like? Technically, it doesn’t lie in the territory of any season, so would it just have normal weather like on the Mainland?

Now the Havenish Square background music is playing in my head… Even after four years, all these songs are still engrained into my brain. I think they’re on YouTube somewhere too – someone recorded all the soundtracks before Closure. Occasionally, I look it up when I’m feeling nostalgic.ย  ๐Ÿ˜›

Speaking of the Hollow, I’m hoping of eventually adding a map of the Hollow to Rose’s Guide, with details on all the different locations. I’m hoping it’ll prove useful for anyone who may be reading the Forgotten Tales and never played Pixie Hollow. Of course, places will be described in stories such as the Untold Tales as Rose first encounters them, but as I have tended to upload stories out of order in the past, it may still be helpful.

On the up side, Christmas is just around the corner, which means a six week break from school! I’m really looking forward to having no school work to do. School has kept me really busy this year… I’ve noticed that quite a few PBC members have been in the same boat, too – hang in there guys, we can do it!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, until next time,

– Roseย  โค