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Hi everyone,


(And of course, Happy New Year’s Eve for those a day behind)  😛

It’s usually around this time that everyone starts making resolutions… Usually, I don’t do New Years resolutions because I know I probably won’t complete them… I’d rather set smaller goals on a day-to-day basis, and achieve things one step at a time.  🙂

Something I’ve done around this time the past couple of years on this blog is share some statistics with you guys from the previous year, and I’d like to continue that tradition, so, without further ado, I give you the 2017 statistics of Pixie Hollow – Our Biggest Secret.


2017 Stats

Views: 3,338 from 72 different countries

Visits: 2,003

Posts Published: 84

Likes: 416

Comments: 204

Total Followers: 92 (90 via WordPress, and 2 via email)

Most Popular Post: A Tribute – Worlize Closing

Most Popular Page: Home (295 views)

Most Popular Month: June (389 views)

Country With the Most Views: United States (2,365 views)


These numbers seriously blow my mind, especially the huge jump in followers and visitors last year in comparsion to previous years. I know I thank you guys a lot, but it’s honestly because I’m constantly stunned by the amount of people that take the time to read what I write, so again, thank you all, and hears to a great 2018!  😉

Thanks for reading,

Rose MorningMist 

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