Faith wrote a reflection on the PBC’s state of late. I think she had some great points, so I thought I’d share. 🙂

Secrets of a Garden Pixie

Good evening pixies,

I’m writing just to let you know that I am on vacation, enjoying spending time with family. As a result I have been away from my blog for awhile, and I will likely be away for a bit longer as well. 

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! I pray that this year brings you each an abundance of peace, joy, and creativity. 

I do have a small reflection I’d like to share…


I’m sure you all have felt it, too, how there is not as much activity going on in our Pixie Blogging Community as in previous years. It’s heartbreaking to watch one pixie after another simply fly away, for good. However, I want to stay positive, and say THANK YOU!! to all of you who do continue blogging, and who put so much hardwork and love into your posts. You…

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