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So I wanted to post a reflection on 2018 today, like I did last year, but unfortunately there’s a few things I’m still putting together for that, so I’m swapping the order of things this year and posting my stats first!  😛

It’s become a tradition to share some of the previous year’s statistics at the beginning of each year, so I would like to present to you the stats for A Touch of Mist – 2018.


2018 Stats

Views: 1,979 from 64 different countries

Visits: 1,469

Posts Published: 49

Likes: 225

Comments: 123

Total Followers: 118 (115 via WordPress, and 3 via email)

Most Popular Post: Look, See, Live – Poem

Most Popular Page: Home (726 views)

Most Popular Month: January (237 views)

Country With the Most Views: United States (1,482 views)


Of course, these stats aren’t as high as the ones from 2017, but that was expected as I posted less last year.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s stuck with me for the past year, even though I was I little less active than usual. I look forward to continuing to post and share my writing with everyone this year.  🙂

Thanks for reading,

– Rose  ❤