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Fly with you all,

So a little while ago I was out shopping when I stumbled across a stall selling a variety of interesting items. Of course, what first caught my eye was the several sparkly crowns and tiaras – practically anything sparkly or shiny will attract my attention, to be honest – but they weren’t like those cheap plastic ones that are usually sold in dollar shops. These were crowns made of proper metal, with a variety of colours and patterns… If I had a cosplay I could use it for, I would have totally bought one.  😛The stall had a ton of other amazing things too – pocket watches, pop-up cards, and so much more! I ended up buying myself a cute little Hufflepuff key ring and this really beautiful old-timey leather-bound notebook with flower paper. Here’s a few pics:


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The key ring now lives on my favourite bag and I’m planning to use the notebook as a journal.  🙂

The thing that intrigued me most, however, was the fact that the stall was selling proper quills, something I’ve always wanted to own. Unfortunately, these quill sets were too expensive for me to afford, which I was kind of disappointed about – I mean, how cool would it be to use a quill to write in that notebook? I’d feel just like a character out of a fantasy book.  😛

However, a week or so after, I had my final day of school, and that afternoon, my parents sat me down and told me that had bought a graduation gift for me. To my surprise, I opened the blue box they handed me to find one of the quills from the stall inside!

Not only that, but this quill was my favourite design out of the four on display – it was a really lovely surprise.  ❤

The quill came with a bottle of ink, six different nibs with different tips, a stick of wax and a seal.

Of course, I wanted to try it out straight away, so I grabbed some scrap paper and gave it a go.

As expected, it’s not nearly as easy as they make it look in the movies. Here’s a picture of my second attempt writing with a quill:

The ink also stains your hands really easily… This was my hand by the end:

And that was my just my right hand – I write with my left! Fortunately, the ink only stains for a couple of days.

In addition to this, my mother also received a kit for creating wax seals from the same stall at Christmas!


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The kit includes (from left to right) candles for melting the wax, a spoon to catch that wax to pour onto your paper, three sticks of wax and a seal to press into the hot wax once it’s on the paper.

I’ll have to ask to borrow some of the tools that didn’t come with my quill kit – I’d like to make some birthday cards from scratch for people using all these things at some point. I’ll be sure to post about it if I do!  😛

Thanks for reading,

– Rose  ❤