After months of discussion and preparation, the WTP Hype Squad are proud to announce the first ever WTP Writing Exchange! Read on for more details πŸ™‚

Marigold's Musings

Hi Pixies,

Sign-ups for the Writing Exchange are officially open!!!

Writing Exchange – Hosted by the We The Pixies Hype Squad
March 20 – April 30, 2020

How does it work?
Similar to the Art Exchange held at the end of last year, participants will randomly be assigned another person from the exchange to write a poem or short story for, and another to receive a piece from. Works will be swapped via the event’s Exchange Coordinator (Rose MorningMist) on the exchange date – not unlike a Secret Santa :wink: Any level of writer is welcome!

When is it?
Sign-ups are open now through March 19, 2020! Prompts will be swapped via the Exchange Coordinator on March 20th. All works need to be sent to the Exchange Coordinator (Rose MorningMist) via DM on WTP by April 30th. Pieces will be exchanged via the Exchange Coordinator on May 1st.


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