A huge happy 7th arrival day to Faith! ❤

Secrets of a Garden Pixie

hello all you lovely pixies out there!

Thank you for fluttering in for a quick visit. This month I’m celebrating the 7th year anniversary of my fairy Faith Fancypuff’s Arrival in Pixie Hollow!


Faith Fancypuff became Pixie Hollow’s newest garden-talent fairy on the morning of March 14, 2013 ~ and she’s been hard at work bringing beauty, joy, and serenity to the Hollow through her love of gardening and tending to the meadows ever since. Faith can sometimes get boggled-down in the details, and will spend hours tending to a small batch of budding wildflowers growing underneath the foliage of other plants and trees in the forest. She is especially fond of violets and lily of the valley, and will drop everything she’s doing to stop and admire them, make an assessment of their health, bring them little gifts, and sit and read and/or sing to them…

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