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This is basically a Q&A page. If you have any questions that you want answered about my blog, PH, Worlize, my stories or about me (aka my fairy), send an email to me at or leave a comment with your question below. You can ask to remain anonymous if you wish.


Fly with you Rose,

For months and months I’ve been wanting to know why pixie hollow really closed. Was there more to it than just financial problems?

Please answer!

Dahlia, A Tinker Talent

Fly with you Dahlia,

This is a question that many people have tried to answer. Disney said it was due to financial problems and that they wanted to move towards educational and interactive type games. Many said it was due to Club Penguin. I read that one person thought it was a virus. No one really knows the true answer – however, if I ever do find out the real reason, I’ll post about it immediately.

See you round the waterfall,

– Rose  ❤


Hi Rose,

I’m Jade Shinymist, perhaps you’ve heard of me? Perhaps not .

Anyways, I just flew by to ask you a couple of questions. Where is the Final Pixie Hollow Christmas Reunion going to take Place? in your Worlize, or in Fantage?

And I’m confused about this ‘Chat log’ thing. I’ve read your Christmas Celebration Blog, and you say ‘All pixies are invited to your Worlize and Minerva’s chat log’. But where is this chat log? is it the one in your Worlize? or a complete different thing altogether? And how do I join it? :O

Oh! and Great Job on the Pixie Hollow you made in Worlize, Its really good!

Have a Splashtastic day!

Jade Shinymist

Hi Jade,

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I only just logged on today (I have been busy over Christmas).

The Reunion is in all three: My Worlize, Fantage AND Minerva/Crystal’s Chat Log (which is located in their blogs).

Thanks for your kind words on my Worlize too, I’m glad you liked it.

Cya at the reunion,

–      Rose MorningMist  ❤


Tessa asked:

What is your favourite place in Pixie Hollow? Do you have any talents besides your water talent? Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

Hi Tessa,

My favourite place in the Hollow would probably have been my house  😛 But, if I had to chose a meadow, it would have been Dewdrop Vale or Palm Tree Cove.

Aside from Rose, I did own a Tinker talent named Dahlia, and at one stage, a Garden talent named Daisy. Before they stopped letting you delete fairies I created fairies of all talents (and occasionally some sparrowmen too).

The core inspiration for my stories comes from the role plays I did in the Hollow with the Pixie Elite Force. Most of my characters were inspired by real people, friends I had in the Hollow. As for plot, that sort of inspiration can come from just about anywhere – an experience in my life, something that happened in the Hollow – I started writing Birthday Surprises because I got a bunch of flowers from a friend on my Birthday!

Sometimes I’ll be lying in bed, and dialogue will start playing in my head, which can lead to further ideas. I’ve had a few ideas from random conversations, too. Reading stories and posts by other fairies can spark my imagination, and Raven Mistycloud also gives me a lot of ideas when we co-write (and by that, I mean a lot). I also find I get a lot of my ideas when I’m in the shower. Strange, yes, but it’s a place where my mind can focus on it without distractions.

Sometimes an event will happen and I’ll come up with a story based on it. Never Dove Hunt was written because it was Easter time and just today I wrote an entry for Crystal Cutetwinkle’s short story competition because an idea came from my failure at making a batch of biscuits! I honestly never know where my inspiration will come from next, which I think is why I still love writing so much – it’s a different experience every time.


 – Rose  ❤


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  1. What is your favorite place in Pixie Hollow? Do you have any talents besides your water talent? Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

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