By Rose MorningMist

For centuries, death has remained a topic of mystery for humanity. Where do we go? What happens when we die? The idea for Evalyn began with a similar question – what if Death were a sentient being? This sparked the idea for the storyline, with influences such as The Three Brothers tale in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and the short film Let it Be by Bertie Gilbert, both short tales involving the idea of Death personified. However, I wanted my take on the subject to be something original – I strived to construct Death as a being whom wasn’t necessarily evil, but someone with a job, a job that they’d been carrying out for centuries, a job that they didn’t necessarily ask for. Aside from exploring the notion of a personified Death, I intended Evalyn to remind viewers of the importance of life and one’s future. Every life is equally important, and yet thousands die before their time, with no choice in the matter, due to disease, starvation, war… So many futures that will never happen. Evalyn begins as a character frustrated at not knowing what her future will hold, but towards the end of the film realises the endless possibilities this ensures. Additionally, though it wasn’t intentional at the time, I researched the meaning of the name Evelynn (the common spelling of Evalyn), and I discovered that in old English, the name derived from a term that ironically, means life. Evalyn’s encounter with Death could be perceived, then, as a debate between physical embodiments of life and death, adding an extra layer of meaning to the piece. I would like to hope responders will walk away from this video drama with renewed appreciation for the simple fact they have the chance to live life to its fullest.