A Tribute to Once

Once Upon A Time,
There was a couple, loved by many
They believed that true love
Could overcome any darkness
That no matter what the world threw their way,
They would always find each other…
Then came the curse
That stole their happy ending
Condemning them all
To an eternity of suffering…
But not all hope was lost
For there was a prophecy
Which spoke of a saviour
Who would change their lives forever…
Once upon a time, there were two men
Who wrote a story about magic,
About good and evil,
Light and dark,
About love and hope,
Family and forgiveness.
Seven years later,
This story is ending
And I want to thank them
For the world they created
And for the actors and editors
The composers and directors
For bringing that world to life
Because once upon a time,
There was a little girl
That need to be reminded
About love and hope
And the magic they held
She’s grown up now
But she’ll never forget
The story built by these people
And how much that story meant.


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