Homework and lessons
Assignments and exams
Don’t forget the weekend’s out
You’ve had those plans for a month
No backing out now…
My eyes are drooping
But the clock is ticking
And with every tick
The due date draws nearer…
Tick, tick tick…
Another assignment
Another exam
Don’t forget that homework
It was due last week…
I’ve never had the most self esteem
When it comes to schoolwork
What begins as inspiration
To do better, to try harder this time
Turns into a struggle to find motivation
As I compare my ideas
My essays and projects
To those around me…
This is an important year, they say
Every assessment counts, they say
You’ll never make it, my mind says
You struggle with time management
And your memory is terrible
She can write better than you
He has better technique
Everything you do is just so average…
But I will not give up;
I will not look back and say
If only I had just…
Or what if I had…
I may not be the top of the class
Or the best at memorizing notes
But I know my strengths
And how to play them
And if I keep persevering
And stay determined,
Maybe, just maybe,
I’ll make it through.


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