Emotions Are Like Memories

Sometimes, I forget this feeling.

This feeling of sadness, of sorrow,

The pain that came from all the years of trials,

The hardships that seemed to be thrown at me

One after the other.

Of course, compared to some,

My problems were miniscule.

But that’s the thing about problems;

No matter how big or small the problem really is,

It’s still a problem.

It’s something you have to overcome.

Some people give up before it’s even started.

Others shake it off,

And get their life back on track in a manner of days,

Or weeks.

Then there’s the people like me

The people who have to fight,

Every day,

To get back to that point,

Back to that time when they can sit back and say,

I’m happy.

It took me a long time to get back there.

Some days, it would seem as if it were almost in reach,

Before slipping through my fingers once more.

Some days, it would take every ounce of motivation I had

Just to get out of bed.

It took time, but somehow, I made it back.

However, it’s not always ‘smooth sailing’, as some say.

Emotions are like memories

They can never be entirely forgotten

And sometimes, the smallest things can remind us of the past.

Things like a photograph, or something someone says…

… Or even a song.


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