Five Years

Five years gone,

And look how far I’ve come…

A childhood game

Seems like such a small thing

But it’s the small things,

The things that make up a person’s normality

The things we take for granted

The things that have always just been

And you think always will be;

Those are the things

Those small, simple things,

That can hurt the most

When they’re gone…

It took seconds for it to close

But years to find closure

The training wheels

Were taken from under me

And so I fell…

I fell many times

For many reasons

But each time, I got back up

And, in time,

I learnt to ride without them…

I was taught to hold my head high

Instead of hiding behind a screen

Instead of keeping my eyes trained to the ground

For the first time

Instead of shoes and pathways

I looked up, and my eyes truly opened

To the beauty of this world

To it’s tiny details, the intricacies

Of every leaf, every flower


The way a river flows

Or a waterfall falls

Or a gentle breeze blows…

It sparked a light inside my mind

Introduced me to the magic

Of the places, the people

The worlds I could create with words…

Five years on,

And look how much we’ve grown;

Some of us left, to move on

Old friends that we bid farewell

One can hope that now,

Now they are happy and well

Out in the world

Achieving wonderful things

And that this chapter of their lives

Will never be forgotten

Some of us have stayed

What can I say;

We’re still children at heart

Perhaps some of us always will

And that will never be a bad thing…

Five years on,

Five years older,

Five years wiser,

And I have finally learnt

That at every ending

There is a new beginning.


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