Just See Me

They look at me

And remember

The weird kid from primary school

The nerd who always had her head stuck in a book

The odd one out

They look at me now

And see a someone

With messy hair

With dirty glasses

Someone who’s socially awkward

Who’s always tired

Who’s childish

Someone average

Who struggles with her subjects

Who always sits at the back in class

And sometimes,

When she’s alone

Looks sad, or lonely

They look, but never see

How far I’ve come

Since the lunch breaks sitting alone

Reading because I didn’t feel like I fit in

Never see the trails I’ve overcome

The attempts to learn from my mistakes

To better myself

Never see the late nights I spend

Writing stories and editing videos

Trying to create something

That may brighten someone’s day

Even if it’s only one They don’t see that I’m trying so hard

To ignore society’s expectations

By not spending hours

Doing my hair and makeup each day

By owning my inner fangirl

And trying to be myself

By embracing

The five-year-old I am at heart

They don’t see that I may struggle with my studies

But I keep trying because I’m passionate about them

They don’t see that I’m not necessarily sad, or lonely

But simply reflecting, thinking

About life

About my past, what I’ve overcome

What I’ve achieved

And what I want to achieve in the future.

They look, but they don’t see.

Just once, I wish they’d see me.


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