Look, See, Live

Each day,
We go about our lives,
Focusing on our destinations
Our days become a blur;
Our eyes glaze as we see
The familiar scenery
On our drive to work, to school,
And back home again
Each day
We go about our lives,
And fail to see
The world around us,
The life that’s passing by
Instead of focusing
On what’s ahead,
For once, try focusing
On the now instead
Look around and see
The leaves on nearby trees;
How they catch the sun
After the early morning’s rain
Look around and see
The tall city buildings;
Their designs, old and new
Look up and see
The shape of the clouds
And the images they make,
See the stars at night
And imagine the worlds
They could hold
Look for opportunities,
Big and small,
That may come your way
And take as many as you can
Try new things
New foods, new activities,
Go places you’ve never seen;
Different countries and cities
And for once, just look…
Each day,
We go about our lives,
Existing, but not living…
For once, try living.


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