A huge congrats to Tisty for hitting 100 followers!

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Yes, you read the title correct. I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS!!!

101 to be exact, and 103 if you count the email followers.

I’M SO HAPPY!!! Thank you to everyone who has clicked the follow button and supported me ❤ ❤ ❤

So let’s get onto the celebration post! 🙂 😉 😀 😛 ❤ (So many emojis)

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Just See Me – Poem


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Fly with you all,

So recently, I’ve been thinking about how people tend to make assumptions about people they don’t know very well, which led to me writing this poem. Like a lot of these freestyle poems, I wrote it from a personal perspective, because I like to think it makes it a little more authentic, but I’m thinking of trying to stray from that tactic in some future poems to try and improve my skills a little, rather than just spewing an emotional rant onto the page all the time. Of course, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that – initially, I started writing these poems as a method of expressing my emotions and/or opinions without having to go to the trouble of writing an entire short story about it, but I’d like to try some different ways of approaching such things.

Hopefully that paragraph made sense… It is pretty late at the moment.  😛

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.  🙂


Just See Me

They look at me

And remember

The weird kid from primary school

The nerd who always had her head stuck in a book

The odd one out

They look at me now

And see a someone

With messy hair

With dirty glasses

Someone who’s socially awkward

Who’s always tired

Who’s childish

Someone average

Who struggles with her subjects

Who always sits at the back in class

And sometimes,

When she’s alone

Looks sad, or lonely

They look, but never see

How far I’ve come

Since the lunch breaks sitting alone

Reading because I didn’t feel like I fit in

Never see the trails I’ve overcome

The attempts to learn from my mistakes To better myself

Never see the late nights I spend

Writing stories and editing videos

Trying to create something

That may brighten someone’s day

Even if it’s only one They don’t see that I’m trying so hard

To ignore society’s expectations

By not spending hours

Doing my hair and makeup each day

By owning my inner fangirl

And trying to be myself

By embracing

The five-year-old I am at heart

They don’t see that I may struggle with my studies

But I keep trying because I’m passionate about them

They don’t see that I’m not necessarily sad, or lonely

But simply reflecting, thinking

About life

About my past, what I’ve overcome

What I’ve achieved

And what I want to achieve in the future.

They look, but they don’t see.

Just once, I wish they’d see me.


The funny thing is, I actually had a few friends tell me recently that their first impressions of me when we first met a few years back was that I looked sad and lonely, when realistically, I was just really antisocial and always lost in thought (and still am).  😛

Quick Update: So I’m in my last couple of weeks of school and have a few assessments coming up that I’ll be focusing on, and then the day after I finish, I’m going for an operation to get my tonsils and adnoids out, which I’m mildy terrified about, not just because of the immense pain I’m apparently going to be in for two weeks, but more importantly, the fact I won’t be able to eat most types of food during that period of time.  D:

Because of this, I may not get a chance to post for the next few weeks, but I’ll try my best to keep up with the blogging community as best I can. Maybe I’ll even get some writing done whilst I’m recovering from my operation… Who am I kidding, I’ll probably spend the entire two weeks on YouTube I’ll guess we’ll just have to see what happens!  😉  😛

Thanks for reading,

– Rose  ❤

Also, a huge thank you for 9,000 views! That’s an insane number, I can’t quite believe it.  🙂


Is It November Already?


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Hey everyone,

Wow! Time really does fly. It’s strange – the start of this year seems so far away, but almost as if it were only a few months ago, all at the same time. Does that makes sense, or is it just me?

The weather this Spring has been really strange – one day, it’s hot and humid and the next, it’s almost like Winter again. I suppose this wouldn’t be a problem for pixies… If it’s too hot, you could always just visit the Winter Woods or Autumn Forest to cool down, and vis versa. Come to think of it, what would the weather in Havenish Square be like? Technically, it doesn’t lie in the territory of any season, so would it just have normal weather like on the Mainland?

Now the Havenish Square background music is playing in my head… Even after four years, all these songs are still engrained into my brain. I think they’re on YouTube somewhere too – someone recorded all the soundtracks before Closure. Occasionally, I look it up when I’m feeling nostalgic.  😛

Speaking of the Hollow, I’m hoping of eventually adding a map of the Hollow to Rose’s Guide, with details on all the different locations. I’m hoping it’ll prove useful for anyone who may be reading the Forgotten Tales and never played Pixie Hollow. Of course, places will be described in stories such as the Untold Tales as Rose first encounters them, but as I have tended to upload stories out of order in the past, it may still be helpful.

On the up side, Christmas is just around the corner, which means a six week break from school! I’m really looking forward to having no school work to do. School has kept me really busy this year… I’ve noticed that quite a few PBC members have been in the same boat, too – hang in there guys, we can do it!  😉

Anyway, until next time,

– Rose  ❤

Emotions Are Like Memories – Poem


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Hey everyone,

So this is something I wrote the other day whilst listening to music that I decided to turn into a poem. You know how you sometimes hear a piece of music and it reminds you of a memory or emotion you’d almost forgotten? That’s kind of what inspired this. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Emotions Are Like Memories

Sometimes, I forget this feeling.

This feeling of sadness, of sorrow,

 The pain that came from all the years of trials,

The hardships that seemed to be thrown at me

One after the other.

Of course, compared to some,

My problems were miniscule.

But that’s the thing about problems;

No matter how big or small the problem really is,

It’s still a problem.

It’s something you have to overcome.

Some people give up before it’s even started.

Others shake it off,

And get their life back on track in a manner of days,

Or weeks.

Then there’s the people like me

The people who have to fight,

Every day,

 To get back to that point,

 Back to that time when they can sit back and say,

I’m happy.

It took me a long time to get back there.

Some days, it would seem as if it were almost in reach,

Before slipping through my fingers once more.

Some days, it would take every ounce of motivation I had

Just to get out of bed.

It took time, but somehow, I made it back.

However, it’s not always ‘smooth sailing’, as some say.

Emotions are like memories

They can never be entirely forgotten

And sometimes, the smallest things can remind us of the past.

Things like a photograph, or something someone says…

… Or even a song.


I guess I’ve been reflecting on this for a while now, the whole idea of happiness, which is what drove me to write that post, ‘Smile’, a few weeks back. Maybe it’s because I can confidently say that right now, I’m happy with my life, and I feel like I’m at the end of one chapter and about to start another. Who knows?

Anyway, sorry if all these reflections have been boring you to death… Hopefully they’re at least a little interesting.  😛

Forgotten Tales Update: The Untold Tales is taking soooooooo long to edit, I kid you not – every time I go to edit it, I feel like I walk away with more work to do. I keep adding extra details in that I probably should’ve added the first time, such as setting and character descriptions. I haven’t forgotten (no pun intended) about it though, and I’m trying my hardest to have it ready to re-release (alongside a new part) as soon as possible.  😉

Thanks for reading,

– Rose  ❤

Hi…I guess? 

Thank you so much for being a part of the PBC, Sarah – you’re always welcome here 😉 ❤

Sarah's Adventures

Hey there, guys? If any of you is still out there, that is ^^;

Ah, this is awkward.

It had been what, months?

Unlike some amazingly dedicated pixies, I don’t quite have the patience of the perseverance to post here anymore.

Like, sure, I could post about Disney and stuff, but if my heart’s just not that into it, then what’s the point?

Pixie Hollow was why I made this blog. It has been four years now, and I really cannot continue this anymore.

Plus, the P.B.C. has kind of…disintegrated? It can’t be helped, really.

Nevertheless, I really appreciate the hardwork some pixies are putting in right now to keep this community alive! It is very, very heart-warming.

Sadly, I cannot be one of them. I hope you understand.

It’s not just about determination and stuff, but school is super hectic now? I am fifteen now, and my birthday is…

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3 Year WordPress Anniversary?


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Hey guys!

So I know I’ve been alittle inactive recently… A lot of things have been happening, including three rounds of tonsilitis in the past month (joy) and the return of school (even more joy). I’ve been doing my best to edit the Untold Tales in my spare time, but as I’ve been attempting to add some extra details I probably should have written in earlier, it’s been taking a while. It seems like every time I open that document, I walk away with more things to write. However, I have made progress and hope to get it out as soon as I can.

Anyway, the main reason I decided to post this evening was due to a small notification I recieved when I logged into my account:

I’ve been on WordPress for three years? I could have sworn it’s been less!

I think the best thing about this is that it says ‘thanks for flying with us’. Either it’s pure coincidence or one of the WordPress admins read my blog… Yeah, it’s probably just coincidence.  😛

Anyway, happy blogging anniversary! Thank you all so much for three years of silly posts, poems and stories!  😉

– Rose  ❤

Choose Your Favorite Community Idea

Please vote!!!
♥ Marigold

Marigold's Musings

Hi Pixies,

As you know, the 4th Anniversary of Pixie Hollow’s closure was back on September 19 (click here to read my post if you missed it), and some pixies came up with great ideas for us to come together as a community and rekindle our love for Pixie Hollow ❤

I compiled all the suggestions I received into a poll for everyone to vote for the idea (or ideas) they like best:

This poll will close at the end of the day on October 18, 2017 October 23, 2017 (extended!)

Once the poll closes, I will reveal the winner(s) on the 24th or 25th, and then we can work out all the details and make an official post 😀

Questions? Leave me a comment below ↓

P.S. Please re-post this or share the link to the poll on your pixie blog so we get as many votes as possible. Thank you!



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A huge congrats to Amestistia for reaching 50 followers on her blog! ❤

Tisty's Tales


I know Sunday isn’t on my posting schedule, but I have a special post to do today. I’VE REACHED 50 FOLLOWERS!!! Thank you so much! I know it isn’t huge, but I’m really happy about this! This is the largest amount of followers I’ve ever had, and also I predicted that by mid-October I would have 50 followers and WOW LOOK I WAS RIGHT. I can see into the future.

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Halloween Fiction Contest

Check out this cool contest Marigold found! Unfortunately, it’s only avalible for people 18 or over, and who live in the USA, so I can’t enter… However, if you fit the requirements, then I’d definetly reccommend giving it a shot! 😉

Marigold's Musings

Hi, Pixies!

The publishing website Lulu is sponsoring a Halloween Flash Fiction Contest! 😀

Halloween Flash Fiction Contest

The Lulu 2017 Halloween Flash Fiction Contest!

Are you ready to #ShareYourScare? Lulu’s Halloween Flash Fiction Contest challenges our most imaginative and intrepid authors to craft a short story with a Halloween theme! We’re looking for stories that spook us, surprise us, or just make us say “wow.”

The contest runs through October 22nd (at 11:59 pm ET). All entries will be reviewed by Lulu’s team of judges for originality within the “scary story” or Halloween theme, uniqueness, and overall storytelling awesomeness. Entries should be short – 1500 words or less (3-5 pages or 1500 words maximum) – and must represent a complete story.

All accepted entries will be compiled into our first ever Lulu Halloween Anthology! Accepted entrants will receive a free print copy of the Anthology, and one lucky winner will be…

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These days, there’s so many things that can go wrong.

Everyone’s going through something, dealing with some kind of struggle. For some people, it’s as small as an arguement with a friend, which leaves them feeling angry and a little sad. For others, it’s the struggle to live through the next day.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how big or small the situation really is. To you, it’s something that’s making you feel sad, or angry, or guilty, or scared. It’s a trail in your life you’re going to have to try and overcome, and it doesn’t matter the size – that’s always difficult.

I know that personally, I’m very lucky. I have a good family, good friends, a meal on my table each night. I know that some people don’t have those things. I know that the things I’ve been through are miniscule in comparsion to some of the struggles others face every day. However, I also know that the things I’ve felt, the sadness, the anger, the guilt, the fear – they were still things that effected me for a long time.

Currently, I’m very pleased to say that as a whole, I’m happy. But that doesn’t mean it’s always been like this. For the past few years, I’ve been faced with many trails – nothing drastic, but they were enough to leave me in a negative state. There were times I wouldn’t want to get out of bed in the morning, that I wouldn’t want to face the day, times I’d just sit in silence, wondering what I’d done to deserve it. It felt like every time I managed to pick myself up, something else would be thrown my way. It felt like I was worthless, like there was no point in even fighting it anymore. I’d go through a full week on autopilot, not achieving anything, not feeling anything. I found that for different environments, I’d put on different masks to hide my sadness, act like a different person in front of my friends, in front of my family, and I did this so much that when I was alone, I couldn’t even remember who I really was anymore.

That was me, not long ago. I decided to take a step back and try and work out who I really was, and it took a while, but I finally found myself. Not completely, because I know that would be impossible – I’m still young, and I still have a lot of years ahead of me in which I know I’ll learn new things about myself – but I’ve learnt enough to be confident in throwing those masks away and showing the real me to the world.

The thing is, I’m a stubborn soul, and each time I fell, I forced myself to get back up again, and with every trial, I learnt something new. It wasn’t always hard times, either – I can recall many positive moments in my life from those years, and recently, there’s been more good than the bad. I’m learning to laugh at flaws, to forgive myself for all the dumb mistakes I’ve made in the past, because I’ve realised there’s too much sadness in the world. Too many people have fallen and have lost all hope of getting up again, and that breaks my heart.

That’s why I’m writing this.

I want to remind people that it doesn’t matter how big or small your problem is – your happiness is important. You are important. You, and only you, can control your future, can decide to start fighting again. No, it isn’t easy. No, it won’t happen overnight. It could take a week, or a month, or even a year, but it is so worth it, so worth waking up one day and realising that you’re happy – not sad, or angry, or guilty or scared, just happy. It doesn’t mean you’ll never feel sad again – there’s always a chance of falling once mor, it’s a part of being human, but that isn’t what’s important. Focus on the good, not the bad, the moments that made you feel happy and joyous and free. Hold onto those moments, look forward to more of those moments, because they will come, and don’t just wait for them to show up – create those good moments. Audition for that musical you really want to be a part of, or save up to buy that new video game you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Give those art lessons another go, or plan a trip to the beach like you’ve been wanting to for ages. You think it’s impossible? Well, everything was impossible once. It doesn’t matter what it is you’re dealing with, overcoming it is always possible. It may take time, but you will get up again.

So find that smile you once had. Use it, and don’t ever give up. There’s always a way to find your happiness again.

Rose MorningMist 


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