Talent Symbols – Rose’s Guide


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The new update, as promised. Enjoy!  😉

Talent Symbols

…Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Despite the magic the pixies dust trees created, preventing anyone from growing old, pixies live on the belief of Clumsies, and in early times, only the Clumsy tribe living in Neverland knew pixies existed. As more new pixies arrived, many that were older came to be forgotten, including the Fae, causing many unique Talents to be lost.

Realising it was only a matter of time before they too met the same fate, the remaining Fae decided to give up their Talents, so that future generations could inherit them and make use of their powers. Each of them, including the Gifted, chose an object that they deemed important to represent their Talent and contained their power inside of it. It should be mentioned that the Gifted, knowing the nature of their Talents, enchanted their objects to ensure that no fairy would ever be able to inherit their entirety of their power…


Click here to read the rest!

I’m still working on the Untold Tales update, but here’s a little sneak preview. It’s yet to be edited, so I apologise for any spelling or grammar errors:

“Since the Queen passed the law against Forbidden Children, more and more kids have been showing up. Madame Shadow’s just too lazy to buy stuff to better accommodate for it. The only reason she bought bunk beds was because an inspector was coming ‘round, and she didn’t think they’d take well to seeing kids sleeping on the floor.” She cuts her pastry in half to help it cool. I watch the steam curl up and disappear in the air.

Sage sighs. “Willow, you do realise they probably didn’t understand a word you just said, right?” Not bothering with his cutlery, he picks up his food with his hands and takes a big bite of it. “They’re new.”

“Ah, sorry! I forgot again.”

I open my mouth to speak – I have so many questions to ask Willow and Sage – What’s a Forbidden Child, or an inspector? How many kids live in the orphanage? Do our parents come to visit? Can we visit them?


I also want to say a big thank you for over 8,000 views!  ❤

On a side note, I’m attending a convention in a few weeks and will probably return with a ton of merchindise. I’m thinking of possibly doing another convention haul post, and I wanted your thoughts. Let me know in the comments.  🙂

Until next time,

– Rose  ❤


Spontaneous Poetry – Speak Out


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I know, I know… I’m so busy with assessments that I don’t post for weeks, and then I post twice in two days?

Well, like I mentioned in the title, this came from nowhere. I just felt the need to express myself (a bit like my ‘Who I Am’ poem) and seeing as writing a story about it would take too long, why not write a poem about it?  😛

I don’t really know how to explain the meaning behind this poem… Which is kind of ironic, once you read it.

Anyway, I hope you like it,

– Rose  ❤


Speak Out

I envy the people

Who are so skilled in this art

The people who can, so easlily,

Speak their mind out loud…

I try to, I swear

To explain myself

My thoughts, my emotions…

But somewhere between

My mind and my mouth

Something changes

The words jumble

I stumble, I stutter

I try so hard to speak out

But the more intense the emotion

Anger, sadness, love, fear

The harder it is…

My emotions bubble in my chest

And my mind is screaming

The words I want to say…

Maybe I’ll be able to speak them

Maybe, one day.


The Smell of Flowers – Entry for Faith’s Poetry Challenge


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Hey everyone!

So I know I’m a day or two late entering this challenge, but things have been… Really, really crazy for me lately. I’ve had several assessments to prepare for and hand in since school went back for me, and that’s left me pretty drained. I’ve just been too exhausted to work on anything else, which kind of sucks.  :/

Fortunately, Faith extended the deadline to the 13th of August. I was lucky enough to have a small window of free time earlier this week in which inspiration struck and managed to write a little haiku for the challenge. Faith, I am sososososososososo sorry I didn’t get the poem entered in time… Anyway, here it is.

The Smell of Flowers

The smell of flowers

On the breeze, their sweet perfume

Surrounding my friends



What do you think? I chose to use the first image as my stimulus material, which was surprising as I originally decided I was going to write a poem for the second one. The inspiration came as I was waiting for my transport back home earlier this week, and I caught a whiff of the scent of some flowers on the breeze. 30 seconds later, I was coutning out the syllables for a haiku.  😛

Quick Forgotten Tales Update: I know, I still haven’t posted up the new section of the Untold Tales or the rest of the ‘Talents and Talent Symbols’ part for Rose’s Guide… I may not be able to release anything for another week or two yet. I want to have the time to sit down and do it properly, rather than rush the job and finish with some half-attempted product. I hope you guys will understand.  🙂

Thanks for reading,

– Rose  ❤

Congratulations, Rose Morningmist!

Thank you so much again Faith – I love this! 😀

Secrets of a Garden Pixie

🎈 🎈 🎇 🎉 Congratulations to you, Rose Morningmist, for your flitterific accomplishment of 300 posts on your blog Pixie Hollow – Our Biggest Secret. 🎉 🎇 🎈 🎈

To celebrate this happy occasion I’ve made you a little gift. I hope you like it ❤ Rose's Badge dusty rose with cupcake 2

your friend,

Faith Fancypuff

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5 Things You May Not Know About This Blog


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A bit of a spontaneous post – the title kind of speaks for itself, so let’s get straight into it!  😛

1. This blog is called ‘Pixie Hollow – Our Biggest Secret’ for a reason

I grew up playing Pixie Hollow, and as I got older, I didn’t really stop, so by 2013, when it was announced the game was closing, I guess you could say that I was a lot older than the expected age of someone playing a game based around fairies. I know I’ve mentioned in several posts how the Hollow was a kind of escape from my life, where I could be myself. However, back then I was very self-concious of what other people though of me in my real life, and you can probably imagine that ‘oh yeah, I play in a virtual world about fairies’ probably would be percieved as weird by most people, which is understandable – it’s not something you’d expect from someone that age. As a result, I didn’t really share that part of my life with many people, which is why I included ‘Our Biggest Secret’ in my blog title, because it was a big part of my life that I kept hidden from most people, and it still is – not as much, but enough. These days, I’ve accepted the fact that some people will always see my blog as weird, and fair enough – but so long as they can accept I will always be a child at heart, I don’t mind. As for my blog name, it stays the same as a reminder of where something wonderful ended and something equally beautiful began… Besides, I’ve kept it for three years – no point in changing it now!

2. The Forgotten Tales was never supposed to exist

To be totally honest, I never planned the Forgotten Tales. It just kind of happened. I say that the Hollow is what re-sparked my intrest in writing, which is true, but my first ideas had nothing to do with the series I write today. Originally, I had a set of four stories planned, starting with one called ‘The Best Month of My Life’ (some of you may remember I had a ‘sneak preview’ of this story up on my blog for quite some time). The storyline went that a girl woke one morning in our world, a month after Closure, to find that every player of Pixie Hollow had transformed into a human-sized version of his/her avatar. This story wasn’t going to be set in the Hollow at all. The main character was still Rose, but the plot was extremely different (and not very good, looking back). After writing a short story as part of Marigold’s Event Commitee for the PBC’s 2015 Spring Celebration, I started getting ideas for other little short stories I could post up about Rose and her life in Pixie Hollow, but the big turning point was the Lost Stories. After that I began to get other ideas for stories that could exist on the same timeline, and I ended up canning The Best Month of My Life and the stories after it and instead focused on developing a new series, and thus, the Forgotten Tales was born.

3. The icon next to the URL actually has a meaning

This is a bit of a random one, but after I realised you could change the icon next to the URL on your blog, I got rid of the standard one (which was my old avatar) and replaced it with three butterflies, the current icon. The butterflies are supposed to represent the three MorningMist children – Rose, Dustin and Ruby.

4. This WordPress blog was never supposed to be active

Okay, so if you’ve been around since 2015 you may already know this one, but originally I blogged on a completely different site to WordPress. I created this blog when I was having trouble getting into my old blog’s admin page, but eventually it started working again, so I just abandoned the little work I had done on this blog and just used my WordPress account to comment and guest author on other WordPress blogs. Eventually I had some major technical difficulties with my old blog, where no one could access it, so I grabbed everything I’d published on that blog and moved to WordPress. There was a day there where I spent seven hours publishing all 40 posts I’d originally had on my old blog, just so people could still access them. That was an exhausting day!

5. This is the 300th post on this blog

I honestly can’t believe that in the space of three years, I’ve posted 300 times! I never thought that when I first started blogging I’d still be here today, and I owe a lot of it to you guys. Writing is a passion I’ve always had, so to be able to share what I write with others and for them to genuinely enjoy reading it is really amazing, so thank you, so much. You’re all awesome.  😉

Thanks for reading,

Rose MorningMist 

🌟 Pixie Poetry Challenge (July 2017) 🌟

Challenge accepted 😛

Secrets of a Garden Pixie

Good afternoon pixies!

I’m back with my ~3rd Pixie Poetry Challenge~ 😀 

For this challenge you have the option to write a poem for 1 or 2 photographs. I hope you like the selections I made. All participants will earn a hand-made badge.

It’s time to set your creative spirit free & have fun!!! 

Here are the rules for the challenge:

🌿 Write a poem for one or both of the pictures below.

🌿 Email your poetry to me at: snowflakefancypuff@gmail.com.

🌿 Poetry must be submitted by July 27, 2017.

🌿 Anyone can participate

Photo 1:

tumblr_ohbzhtasmi1tep27uo1_1280Photo 2:


Best of luck to you all & happy writing

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Rose’s Guide – Talents


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Hello everyone!

So as I promised, I’ve finally published some new content for the Forgotten Tales. If you check out Rose’s Guide, you’ll find a new section released in Chapter 1. Here’s a quick preview:

Talents and Talent Symbols

Taken from the textbook ‘A Brief Guide to the History of Pixie Hollow’ by Jessamine Brightsparkle

Many years passed, and the population of both pixies and Clumsies on Neverland grew. The pixies were now living in the Pixie Dust Forest, which held the largest number of pixie dust trees on the island. Additionally, they’d learnt that they could use their wings to fly as fast as any grown Clumsy could run, sometimes faster, with the help of some pixie dust, the golden substance they were born in. Outside the forest, pixie dust trees were difficult to find, and combined with the harsh weather conditions, it was difficult for pixies to venture outside the forest to collect materials.

However, things were changing for pixies. Those who had been among the first laughs, who had come to be known as the Fae, had become aware of a magic within them. Once their magic was awakened, a Fae could use their magic in a way no other could, from art to cooking, even controlling the weather. No Fae had the same power. These powers came to be known as ‘Talents’…


You can click here to read the rest, or you can find it through the Forgotten Tales section on this blog.

It’s only the first half of this section (Talents), so expect the second half (Talent Symbols) to come soon.  😉

Also, I’m doing a massive rerelease of everything I’ve written for the Untold Tales so far, kind of like what I did with the Lost Stories. It won’t have any plot changes as such, it’ll just (hopefully) be written a bit better, so expect that in the future, alongside a new update to the story as well.


– Rose  ❤

Two New Haikus


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Bit of a short post today, but I have a couple of random haikus to share… There’s not really a backstory for these ones – to be honest, they’re something I wrote for an activity I was set in class the other day (wow, my teachers have been giving me a lot of creative writing stuff lately). The theme was isolation… Anyway, I hope you like them.  🙂


The darkness creeps in

I fight hard, but in the end

It consumes my soul


Silent Plea

I try to reach out

I scream, desperate for help

But no one listens


What do you think? They’re a bit more serious than the usual poetry I write, but it was interesting to try a new kind of topic.

On a lighter note, I’m on holidays again, which (wings crossed) should give me time to finish some more Forgotten Tales writing! I know I say that every holidays, but this time I actually have a few things that I should be able to finish before school goes back. This should (hopefully) include a new part for the Untold Tales and another chapter in Rose’s Guide.  😉

Until then,

– Rose  ❤

Signature Giveaway

Ametistia is having a giveaway! It’s super easy to enter, so if you’re intrested, head on over to her blog to enter!

My entry (as for some reason, my comments don’t show up on some people’s blogs, and hers is one of them)
Signature: ‘Rose MorningMist’
Colour: Purple or blue
Animated: No
Thank you!

Tisty's Tales

Hi! I’ve decided that I’m going to give away free signatures!

All you have to do is comment below saying what you’d like the signature to say, what colour you want it to be and whether you’d like it animated. Then I’ll pick one at random and make it.

You have 1 week to do this. I’ll post some of the signatures I’ve made so you can see what they’re like!

Sky's signatureHartz's signatureTNT's signature149555794026383Cupcake's signaturepink's signatureDucky's signature.gif1487363613840

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Pixie Prom Dates?

Primrose The Pixie

Hey there my Flutterific Pixies! It’s me, Primrose. 😀

So, I wanted to make this post, about the dates for the Pixie Prom 2017. Of course, Gwyn and I normally pick the dates/theme. However I’ve been thinking it’ll maybe be better if you guys comment when is easiest to attend it for you. The date most voted for (Month/Day) will be most likely chosen, or days picked around that time. As for the theme, some of you voted, Seasonal, Vintage & Animal themed as well. Hard to pick isn’t it? :3 Hmm. Well, do us a favor and leave a comment on my LAST post where I asked you guys what theme you want. However while your at it. Leave a comment on this post letting me know what kind of time for the Pixie Prom 2017 fits your schedule the best. We’ll try our best to make it fit all…

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