The Forgotten Tales

PLEASE NOTE: The Forgotten Tales is currently undergoing a few important changes. To find out more, click here.

A Note From the Author

The Forgotten Tales started as collection of stories I’ve written based around some of the role-plays I did as Rose MorningMist in Pixie Hollow. Over time, it’s grown into a full series of short stories, co-written tales and novellas. These stories are listed in chronological order, but you can also refer to the timeline in Rose’s Guide.


Over the years, I have seen many things, and I feel it would be best to write them all down. I saw the Closure of Pixie Hollow. I have seen the Arrivals of many famous fairies, seen the rise and fall of many evils. I was there, at the final battle for our freedom.

My name is Rose MorningMist. I was the first leader of the Pixie Elite Force, and these are the forgotten tales of my past.


Rose’s Guide

Over the years, I’ve seen many things, and I feel it would be best to write them all down…

A guide to the Forgotten Tales.

Click here to read!


The Untold Tales

Mum says it’s dangerous for kids like us to go outside. She says there are bad people out there, who will try to take us away if we’re not careful…

The story of a child as she grows up in the magical land of Pixie Hollow. You’d think it would be bliss.

For a Forbidden Child, it’s not.

Click here to read!


Dust Overdose

2015 Entry for Crystal’s Short Story Competition

 There’s a reason they only give you one cup of pixie dust a day – no more, no less. I learnt that the hard way.

Original – click here to read!

Extended – Coming soon!



2016 Entry for Crystal’s Short Story Competition

I’d like to say I’m pretty good at baking. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always this way.

Click here to read!


Never Dove Hunt

…Sweetpea announced the start of the Never Dove Hunt about five minutes ago, and I want to get as many eggs as I can. The prize is a shiny new badge and a month of free Membership. As a community fairy, the free Membership is what’s motivating me. It’s also the reason I dragged a grumbling Rose along, too – years on missions has made her surveillance skills sharp…

A special Easter side story written from the perspectives of Rose and Ruby. 😉

Click here to read!


The RP Tales

Stories based on role-plays acted out by our community… These are the RP Tales.

Original Role Plays

Adapted Stories


Birthday Surprises

Story written with the help of Raven Mistycloud

It’s Rose’s Birthday, and Ruby’s doing everything she can to make her day special…

Click here to read!


The Last Spring


It was filled with adventure, blackmail, several crazy ideas, and lots and LOTS of water.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


The Lost Stories – Adventures in Neverland

On the 19th of September, 2013, Pixie Hollow closed. But what happened to the population? Where did they go?

Torn into tribes, the fairies of Pixie Hollow now trust no one but their own. The balance in the Hollow is gone, and it’s up to six fairies sharing the same vision to set things right.


Prologue – Closure

Part 1 – A Solemn Oath

Part 2 – An Unknown Land: Coming Soon!

Part 3 – Old Friends: Coming Soon!


Palm Tree Cove

A setting description I wrote a couple of years ago, that may fit into the Lost Stories…

Click here to read!


Non-canon Tales

Christmas Chaos

Co-story with Raven Mistycloud

When the PEF spots a certain redheaded garden fairy purchasing unknown explosives in Maple Tree Hill, Rose goes undercover to find out what she’s up to.

Click here to read!


Dairy Dilemma

Co-story with Raven Mistycloud and Dalila Pineforest

When Rose finds a diary belong to a friend of Raven’s, Dalila Pineforest, the two embark on a journey to return it to her. However, Dal isn’t the only one who’s looking for her diary, and a darkness as old as time is after them all…

Click here to read!


Rainbow Falls

2016 Entry for the Pixie Hollow Games Short Story Competition

It’s the final challenge for the annual Pixie Hollow Games, and it’s going to be the toughest challenge yet.

Click here to read!



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