Tea Party – Original Adaption

 Tea Party

Written by Rose MorningMist

Jade Vanillaflash

Jade awoke to the sound of birds singing as they flew over the lake on which her water lily home sat. Yawning, she stretched and swung her feet over the side of her bed, crossing the room and picking up her neatly folded outfit, ready for the day.

Being a non-member, Jade only owned a few outfits; this one being her personal favourite – a purple daisy skirt, a shirt with jagged short sleeves, purple flats with a flower at the tips and a spiky blue head band, simple necklace and 3 string bracelet and anklets to match.

After five more minutes of bustling around, she straightened her skirt, picked up her precious pouch, and flew out the door, not bothering to look back.

After all, with only a bed, and bedside table, what was there to really look at?


Gosh, Pixie Hollow is awfully empty today, she thought, flying though the Spring Meadows aimlessly. I guess I’ll head to the Tearoom – maybe I’ll be able to grab some breakfast.

With this is mind, she changed course, away from Neverberry Thicket and towards Springtime Orchid. There was a bridge there that crossed over the river to Havendish Square. She passed a cluster of tulips, mind filled with muffins and berries when something caught her eye.

An ingredient bunch of lily petals, and not far off, one of spider silk. A grin crept over Jade’s face.

“I think I know what I’m gonna do today,” She said in a sing-song voice, darting towards the bunch.


Ruby MorningMist

Rose was snoring again.

Ruby sometimes wondered how she slept passed eight – she herself couldn’t ever sleep in passed that time, let alone until ten.

Well, she certainly won’t be sleeping in that long today, she thought, as she opened the door of Rose’s room.

Morning!” She said cheerfully, strolling across the room and tugging the curtains open.

Rose made a non-comital grunt and rolled over.

“Rose,” She said, flying up to hover next to Rose’s bunk, “Wake. Up.”

“Just five more minutes,” Muttered Rose.

“No,” Said Ruby. “Get up now! We have stuff to do today!”

Rose propped her head up with her hand. “Like what?” She scoffed.


Raven Mistycloud

I love shopping, thought Raven. She pulled a pair of pants off a rack.

“Hey, Sophe, what d’you think of these jeans?” She asked, waving them in from of her friend. Sophie muttered something under her breath, looking bored. But that was impossible – no one could hate shopping! Well, except for maybe Rose. That girl could throw daggers with her eyes when being asked to try on a tank top.

“Excuse me, but you’ll have to whine a bit louder than that,” Said Raven, flicking her pony tail.

They make your butt look fat.” Exclaimed Sophie. Way too loudly. All the other fairies in the shop stopped and stared, even Diva Wings, the shop owner.

Raven felt her cheeks growing warm. “Come on,” She Muttered, putting the jeans back on the rack and hurrying out the door, pushing Sophie along with her.


Jade Vanillaflash

Jade collected as much as she could from the bunches and began to gather other ingredients, just to add to her pile.

“Cookies…” She thought, smiling. “Oh, this is going to be a flaptastic day.”


Rose MorningMist

“Rose, you promised!” Whined Ruby.

I sat down at the breakfast table and took a bite out of my muffin.

“I don’t care what I said, I’m not going to some tea party!” I exclaimed, swallowing.

Ruby crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow.

“There’s gonna be smoothies…” She coaxed.

I looked up from my muffin. “When is it again?”


Raven Mistycloud

“I don’t care. I’m not wearing a stupid plain dress to a stupid plain party!”

Raven crossed her arms and cocked her hip, pouting. “You can’t even call it a party!” She continued.

“Just because it’s held in a community spot doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad party,” Said Sophie.

“I know that,” Said Raven, “But it doesn’t mean it’s going to be good either.”

“But Raven…” Sophie began. Raven instantly tuned out, examining her nails.

Maybe I should’ve gone with the blue, she thought, looking at the green polish on her nails. Or perhaps even the –

A sharp pain shot through her scalp as Sophie pulled on her pony tail, attempting to drag her down the stairs.

I – will – not – go!” Screamed Raven, flailing wildly. Sophie sighed and released her.

“Fine, you can wear the hat!” She yelled over Raven’s tantrum.

Raven somersaulted and landed on the top stair. “Yay!” She raced back into her room and put on her wild feather cloche. “Can I wear the boa, too?” She called out to Sophie.

“I draw a line at the boa.” Said Sophie firmly.

It was worth a try, she thought, sighing.


Rose MorningMist

“Are you ready yet, Ruby?” I yelled up the staircase.

“Just a minute!” She called back. She appeared a few minutes later, wearing the dress I let her borrow: a tight, pale yellow wrap dress streaked with aqua and a matching pair of ridiculously high heels.

“Thanks for the dress, by the way – I’d wear my gift from Dahlia but it’s in the wash.” She said, then stared at me. “Please don’t tell me you’re going in that,” She complained.

“What’s wrong with it?” I asked, looking down at my purple top and pants.

“Rose, it’s a party,” She said. “Hang on a second.” She raced back up the stairs and returned a few minutes’ later, dress and pair of shoes in her hands. She held them up for me to see. “Put this on,” She ordered.

I stared at the soft blue sweetheart outfit I’d bought last Friendship Festival, horrified. “By the Second Star, no!” I exclaimed, backing away from her.

“Why did you buy it if you were never going to wear it?!” She asked.

“I did wear it, but only long enough to find out it was a size too small,” I said.

“Oh come on,” She said. “It’s only for an hour or so.”

“There is no way I’m wearing that thing.” I declared, crossing my arms.


Jade Vanillaflash

Jade traded the ingredients she collected for dew, then traded the dew to a baker in the Tearoom for some cookies.

“You know, the special kind,” She told him.

Then she traded the cookies to a shop owner for a nice new pair of knee-high boots.

Who needs Membership anyway? She thought, grinning as she left the shop and pulling out her invite to the tea party that morning. I’ve I got my bribery invitation, new boots, and a ton of cookie crumbs in my hair. I’m ready!


Ruby MorningMist

Half an hour later, Ruby entered the party. Rose had finally relented and put on the dress, but she hadn’t stopped grumbling since. Ten metres away, she noticed Rose’s friend Raven at the refreshments table, stuffing her face with food. She was about to point this out when another newcomer strolled boldly into the party and then promptly fell flat on her face. Ruby rushed over and helped the fairy up.

“Are you okay?” She asked. The fairy glared at her, dusting her blue skirt off.

“You didn’t see me,” She said, and then disappeared into the crowd.

“Who in Neverland was that?” Asked Rose, walking up behind her.

“No idea.” Said Ruby, frowning.


Raven Mistycloud

Raven snatched another chocolate cupcake up from the refreshments table and bit into it. Honestly, if she’d come for any reason, it was for the food. Taking another bite, she went to strike up a conversation with a passing sparrowman, but something caught her eye.

She had to do a double take – when she first saw the mane of ridiculously dark hair, she thought it couldn’t possibly be Rose; she would never wear such a dress – but it was indeed her. Wasting no time, she rushed over to greet her.

“You came!” Exclaimed Raven, wrapping her arms around Rose.

“Can’t – breathe!” Gasped Rose, and Raven released her.

Raven opened her mouth to comment on Rose’s outfit, but her murderous look stopped her. “I can’t believe you came to this snooze-fest,” She said instead.

“Yeah, well, she was have a snore-fest of her own about an hour ago.” Said Ruby, walking up behind them. Rose hit Ruby on the shoulder and glared at her. Ruby glared right back and then stuck her tongue out.

Sisters, thought Raven, rolling her eyes.

“Well, the best thing about this is that they have good food,” She said. “I might have to borrow their cook for one of my parties!”

“Really?” Said Ruby. She picked up a cupcake and took a bite, her eyes becoming the size of blueberries. “Dis is ’mazing!” She said, chomping happily.

Rose sighed, shaking her head. “Are there any smoothies?”

“Smoothies?” Said Raven. “Aren’t those for after we kick butt, Rose?”

Rose laughed. “Yeah, perhaps.”

“I think the only thing they’ve got to drink is tea, to go with their crumpets.”

“Ruby!” She whined. “You lied to me!”

Ruby grinned. “But it got you to the party,” She reasoned.

Rose sighed. “I was kind of looking forward to my only day off this month.”

“Days off? A pixie’s work is never done!” Exclaimed Raven.

“Oh, yes – especially when you’re her.” She jerked her thumb at Rose.

“Did you come with anyone today?” Asked Rose, changing the subject.

“Yeah, I came with Sophie!” Said Raven happily.

“Where’s she at now?” Said Ruby.

“She was just -” Raven twirled around, scanning the crowd. “Jingles! I’ve lost her!”

“I’ll help you look for her, if you’d like,” Said Ruby.

“Thanks.” She said. “Meet you later in the Tearoom for smoothies?” She asked, turning to Rose.

Rose grinned. “Sure. Whisper Message me when you want to meet up.”

“Fly with you later, sis.” Ruby gave Rose a quick hug and then followed Raven into the meadow.


Jade Vanillaflash

“Thanks,” Said Jade, accepting the cookies off the sparrowman and making her way to towards the door, then dropping to her knees and crawling out of the kitchens and hiding underneath the nearest table.

“Nearly out of this snooze-fest…” She muttered.


Phoebe Bumbleflip

There was another party going on in the meadow.

Phoebe didn’t mind. So long as no one disturbed her reading.

She sat down in her favourite nook of the big oak tree and opened her latest book.

Now, where was I?


Jade Vanillaflash

Jade couldn’t believe it! That jerk had cheated her out of cookies! Now she had to get back into the party without being seen, right after finally getting out again!

To the Never Seas with caution! No one cheats me out of cookies!


Rose MorningMist

I sat in a corner of the party, munching on my strawberry cupcake and talking to no one.

“To Neverland with this,” I muttered. “I’m getting out of here.”

I was on my way to the exit when a rather annoyed fairy stormed pass me. Baffled, I watched as she disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared dragging a sparrowman out by the arms.

“What in Neverland?” I murmured. The fairy caught me staring and glowered at me.

“Nothing to see here,” She shot as she dragged the sparrowman passed me.

That’s when I realised that the fairy was the same one that Ruby had helped up earlier.

And the sparrowman was Jack.

Dread ran through me, a million questions raced through my head.

So I did the only natural thing – I followed them.


Jade Vanillaflash

Jade dragged the sparrowman a good distance away from the party, stopping next to a sign near a large oak tree. She let go of the sparrowman, who lost his balance and fell to the ground.

“Three cookies.” She said, folding her arms. “You cheated me out of three cookies! Three pixie dust cookies! If they were regular I’d let it slide!”

Several things happened at once. The sparrowman attempted to make a run for it, but Jade grabbed him and pushed him down again. A fairy jumped down from the oak tree and flew over, another jumping from a nearby bush.

The fairy from the tree had long, bright red hair tied back in a plat and tanned skin. She wore a pink top with a short-sleeved black jacket and a bright pink and blue skirt, knee-high boots and her fringe stuck out from underneath a pink checked hat.

The fairy from the bushes, on the other hand, was pale with and had dark, slightly curly hair that came down to her waist. Her blue dress was torn and covered in twigs and she held her high heeled shoes in her hands. Jade recognised her from the party.

“What in Neverland is going on?” Asked the fairy.


Phoebe Bumbleflip

“Don’t cheat people out of cookies!” Exclaimed Phoebe. The fairy hastily took her foot off the sparrowman at her feet and went pale.

“Uh… None of you guys are the Pixie Police, right?”

“No, I’m just someone who doesn’t like meanies!” Said Phoebe, crossing her arms. The fairy who had jumped from the bushes seemed to consider her question.

“… Sort of.” She said. “What’s going on?”

The fairy who had yelled huffed. “Do you guys know about pixie dust cookie deals?” She asked.

The fairy from the bushes narrowed her eyes. “Wait… you weren’t trading – were you?” As she said it, she looked down at the sparrowman, who glared at her.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Phoebe, feeling a little baffled.

“Well, here’s the way I work.” Said cookie-deals. I get ingredients, trade them for Pixie dust cookies instead of regular, and then sell those cookies to people who want them.”

“I’ll give you some cookies to make up for the ones he cheated you out of,” Offered Phoebe. Cookie-deals shook her head.

“No… The ones I want are different. Forget I was ever here.” She turned back to the sparrowman. “Deals off, jerk.”

Phoebe shrugged and started back to the tree. After all, there were books to be read. From-the-bushes didn’t move, still glaring at the sparrowman.

Cookie-deals stormed off in a huff. “Now how am I supposed to get my Pixie Diamonds?” She complained.

A sudden I idea flew into Phoebe’s mind. She pulled out her bag of Pixie Diamonds and threw them up to cookie-deals.

“Catch,” She said.

Unfortunately, cookie-deals didn’t hear her. The bag sailed through the air and hit her straight in the head.

“Being a non-member sucks – oof!” She exclaimed.

“Oops, sorry about that!” Yelled Phoebe.

“… It’s fine.” Said the fairy. Then, without another word, she flew away.

Phoebe sighed and picked up the abandoned bag.

Well, at least I tried…


Rose MorningMist

I waited until the other fairies had left before addressing my brother.

“So,” I said. “Are you going to explain to me what in Neverland you were doing in the kitchens of that party?”

“Oh, the usual,” She said, getting to his feet. “Cake baking. Jam making. The occasional plot to take over the Hollow.”

“Oh, shut it.” I said. “I don’t have time for this.”

“Neither do I.” He said, taking flight. “I’ll see you around, sis.”

“Wait a second, I’m not done – get back here!

But it was too late. My brother was gone again.



Luna tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for her friend to arrive. Finally, after what had seemed like forever, Jade appeared in the sky, nearly falling flat on her face as she landed.

“There you are!” She cried, ready to tell her off. Then she noticed the frustrated look on her friends face, and her mood softened. “What happened?”

“This jerk cheated me out of hyper-dusted cookies!” Said Jade hotly.

What?! Seriously?”

Jade sighed. “I should have known. Those cookies are wanted by a lot of people… Even our providers.”

Luna gave her friend a hug. “I’m sorry Jade.  How much?”

“Three, to be exact. But it’s okay. Let’s just do our diamond trades for today and count our totals.”

“Okay Jade…Whatever you say.” She said, scowling.

What kind of pixie cheats someone out of cookies?


Jade Vanillaflash

“I’m short on cookies today,” Said Jade to a fairy wrapped in a scarf. “Sorry.” The fairy shrugged, paid for the three she already had, and flew away.

“That’s my last one,” Said Jade, flitting over to Luna.

“I think we’re done for the day.”

“I’m done,” Said Jade. “I think we made a lot!”

Luna smiled. “Great. Come on, let’s go home.”