The Origin of Pixies

Taken from the textbook ‘A Brief Guide to the History of Pixie Hollow’ by Jessamine Brightsparkle

In the beginning, the world was dark and bleak. The Clumsies that roamed the world in this time were constantly in danger. There was no happiness, only fear and sorrow. The entire world was wrapped in an everlasting Winter, and there were no stars in the night sky – only the moon. Then, one day, a Clumsy child strayed from their tribe, and stumbled across a dandelion, scattering its seeds into the wind. Upon seeing such a sight, the child was filled with joy and a laugh echoed across the lands for the very first time. Her parents, chasing after her, were astounded by the sound and soon found themselves joining in, too. The rest of the tribe, alerted by the noise, came to investigate, and it wasn’t long before they too were laughing alongside the rest, amazed at this new emotion they felt. They decided to call it ‘joy’, and from that day on, the tribe visited every other tribe they knew of, spreading joy to anyone they could find.

Those first laughs latched onto the dandelion seeds as they blew away in the wind, and travelled across the seas, drawn by an unknown force. Unfortunately, along the way, the weaker laughs died and fell into the sea. Eventually, the surviving laughs came across an island. This island, like most areas of the world, was home to a tribe of Clumsies. However, this island was special; it was home to the pixie dust trees, plants filled with a magical substance known as pixie dust. Their roots dug deep into the ground and ensured that no one on the island ever grew old. It was for this reason the local tribe called the island Neverland.

Upon spotting the laughs, the tribe was at first unsure of what to make of such odd flora – dandelions didn’t grow on their island. Curious, the tribe followed them to the oldest pixie dust tree. The laughs, drawn to it’s magic, landed in a great pool of the golden dust, held in the tree’s highest branches, giving birth to tiny beings, only five inches tall. Some of the Clumsies climbed the tree and helped the new arrivals to climb out of the pool. The new beings introduced themselves as pixies, the females known as fairies, the males, sparrowmen. Their appearance was much like the Clumsies, only much smaller, with pointed ears and translucent wings on their backs. The Clumsy tribe welcomed them warmly, and for many years, both Clumsies and pixies would live on the island in peace.