Talents and Talent Symbols

Taken from the textbook ‘A Brief Guide to the History of Pixie Hollow’ by Jessamine Brightsparkle

Many years passed, and the population of both pixies and Clumsies on Neverland grew. The pixies were now living alongside the Clumsy Tribe in the Pixie Dust Forest, which held the largest number of pixie dust trees on the island. Over time, they’d learnt that with the help of some pixie dust, they could use their wings to fly as fast as any grown Clumsy could run, sometimes faster. Outside the forest, pixie dust trees were much fewer in numbers, and combined with the harsh winter conditions, it was difficult for pixies to survive, even with the help of the Clumsy Tribe.

However, things were changing for the pixies. Those who had been among the first laughs, who had come to be known as the Fae, had become aware of a unique power within them. Once awakened, a Fae could use their magic in a way no other could, from understanding animals to remarkable healing skills, even controlling the weather. No Fae had the same power. These powers came to be known as Talents.

Amongst the Fae, there were five who were stronger than the rest: The Gifted. Not only had they mastered their Talents, but they had each learnt how to use them to complete extraordinary feats.

The fairy Carla could manipulate water and see the future in its reflection. Kind-hearted Julian could understand animals, and additionally, read minds. Then there was Kira, a sweet fairy who could manipulate light, and could use it to create illusions. Amos worked with the flora, and was able to move the earth beneath his feet, and finally, there was Zara, a master of building, who had the ability to move solid objects with her mind. However, such power doesn’t come without a price, and with time, each of the Gifted came to resent the power they were given. It was less of a gift, and more of a burden… But that is a tale for another time.

Unfortunately, everything must come to an end, and despite the magic that flowed through the island, preventing anyone from growing old, pixies live off the belief of Clumsies. In those early times, only the Clumsy tribe living in Neverland knew pixies existed, and as more new arrivals showed up, many older pixies were eventually forgotten, even the Fae. One by one, those who were forgotten faded from existence, never to be seen again, causing many unique Talents to be lost.

Realising it was only a matter of time before they too met the same fate, the remaining Fae decided to give up their Talents, so that future generations could inherit them and make use of their powers. Each of them, including the Gifted, chose an object to represent their Talent and transferred their powers to them*. These objects would later come to be known as the Talent Symbols, which still exist to this day.

The Fae then established a ceremony that let all the Talentless acquire a Talent. This later came to be known as the arrival ceremony, a method still used by pixies today. It is important to note that a Talent is not chosen by the pixie, but rather the opposite, and the Talent Symbol will glow upon first contact with said fairy/sparrowman, signifying their new Talent has been found. It’s said that the brighter the glow, the greater the chance of the fairy achieving great things in their lifetime. Occasionally, a pixie who is chosen by a Gifted Talent Symbol – Water, Light, Garden, Animal or Tinker – will inherit the corresponding Talent’s Gift and will be slightly more powerful than the average pixie. The reason for this is yet to be confirmed, but some Researchers believe the occurrence is caused by laughs of the Clumsy descendants of those whose laughs gave life to the original Gifted.

There have been some occasions since in which new Talents have been founded, but such an event is very rare and hasn’t happened in decades. In these situations, a pixie will be sorted into whatever Talent will most likely awaken their powers. The most recent example would be the fairy Zarina, originally a dust keeper who later discovered her true Talent, Pixie Dust Alchemy.

*It should be mentioned that the Gifted, knowing the strength of their Talents, took precautions to ensure that no pixie would ever inherit too much of their power. This is why the ratio of pixies with Gifted Talents is considerably higher than others – it prevents the magic within their Talent Symbols from building up and giving out large amounts of it’s power to single individuals.