A note from Rose: In a few of my stories I mention that I have ‘Level Two Clearance’. All fairies have some level of clearance, so I thought I’d explain it to you.


In the Game – Non-existent

In the Forgotten Tales – Clearance determines your status in the Hollow; things like how much you’re allowed to know and where you’re allowed to go.


Levels of Clearance

Level One – This level is only given to the Queen herself and a few other selected members of society. Only those with Level One Clearance know who’s really controlling the Hollow…

Level Two – The Ministers, Lord Malory and members of the Pixie Elite Force. These pixies are told about any serious disasters that are kept quiet from the public.

Level Three – Most Never Council members and Famous Fairies. Pixies with this level of clearance are supposed to be trustworthy enough to be relied on to look after certain aspects of the community, such as events and quests.

Level Four – Pixies with Membership. These fairies are allowed access to almost everywhere in the Hollow and have certain privileges Community Fairies don’t.

Level Five – Community Fairies. This is the basic status that everyfairy has when they first enter the Hollow. These pixies are only allowed in community areas and are restricted in ways such as what they can buy and which quests they can take.