In the Game – When first creating your avatar, players had to choose one of five talents – Water, Garden, Light, Tinker or Animal. Talents couldn’t be changed and the order in which you learnt talent skills was determined by your talent.

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A picture of the original Talent menu

In the Forgotten Tales – During the Arrival Ceremony, a new arrival must choose their talent. Objects symbolising each Talent are brought forward. A Talent Symbol will glow at the touch of the new arrival, indicating their Talent. There’s a superstition amongst pixies that the brighter the glow, the better the fairy or sparrowman will be at their Talent.

Each Talent is said to have different ‘traits’ that everyfairy in the Talent will have, however, this isn’t always the case. Don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t judge a pixie by their Talent!


The Main Talents

Water – Water Talents have the ability to manipulate water. They can walk on it, use it to send Mist Messages and listen to gossip from the Babbling Brook, as well as decorate spider webs and help fish make their way upstream.

Traits: Fast reflexes, go with the flow attitude, emotional

Light – These fairies can move light with nothing but their bare hands. Light Talents help light up fireflies of an evening, can create rainbows (with a little help from a Water fairy) and create some of the best fireworks displays you’ll ever see.

Traits: Patient, hard-working, agile

Tinker – Tinkers can build just about anything, given the right materials. Most structures and furniture in the Hollow is built by these fairies. Need to repair your table? A machine that can paint flowers? Perhaps a new lamp? These are the fairies to come to!

Traits: Hot-headed, creative, quick-thinking

Garden – From painting flowers to planting seedlings – these fairies are more than just their good looks. Garden Talents are in charge of all plants and hold a very important role in changing the seasons. They harvest most of the food that the fairies eat, and are in charge of painting all the leaves in autumn. Talk about hard work!

Traits: Fashionable, an eye for detail, determined

Animal – These pixies are fluent in just about every animal language, bird, butterfly, mouse – you name it, they can speak it. Animal Talents are in charge of looking after animals as they undergo hibernation, helping them if they’re injured and making sure they get enough food to survive.

Traits: Energetic, Tricksters, Optimistic