Part 1


It was the fourth year in a row that my arch-enemy Jack Frost, threatened to ruin the season.

You see, most people think that Jack Frost is a naughty little elf who freezes your grass and gives people frostbite. Well, let me tell you, they couldn’t be more wrong. Jack is an evil sparrowman who will do anything for power. We don’t exactly know how he did it, but he disappeared for a few months once and came back with powers over ice, sleet and snow as well as his original talent, water, and that’s when he adopted the name Jack Frost – so let’s add a bad sense of humour to the list.

So now you’re probably wondering why you have never heard of this Jack guy before. Well, the simple answer is that he’s had some competition along the way. You see, a certain fairy started a secret society, later to be known as the Pixie Elite Force – that’s PEF for short.

My name is Rose MorningMist, and I am that fairy. Over the years, we have had some difficulties though, and you probably noticed some of them, mainly the spring catastrophes. The giant storm three years ago? Yeah, that was kind of our fault. The drought the year after that? My bad. The ‘Clover Catastrophe’ last year? Sorry. Basically, every year Jack has sent the PEF a threat – give him what he wants (I won’t mention exactly what it is that he wants, because no one is to know I have it in my possession, or else I’m going to have to try and destroy it, which is apparently impossible, but I can tell you this: Jack + thing he wants = a LOT of destruction), or spring will be sabotaged, throwing all the seasons out of whack, etc, etc, etc. Every year I’ve denied, and every year he’s thrown the Spring Meadows into some sort of chaos – Using his power to first give the Meadows to much rain, then not enough, and then just enough to make sure each and every clover that Rosetta had planted, grew. And year after year, the combined effort of the PEF and the famous fairies’ quests, he failed.

This particular year, however, we were ready. All of our PEF members in the Spells and Magic division were on standby, along with the water talents, who had been checking the rainfall daily, and apart from the few odd showers, it had been fine and sunny. So when the usual threat came in, instead of constantly worrying about it right up until the date, I threw the letter into the fire and told everyone that they had the rest of the week off…


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