Closure (Prologue)

Crystal Cutetwinkle – A month before closure

Crystal Cutetwinkle woke up one morning to hear familiar voices. She opened her eyes, blinking in the sunlight. She soon found the voices belonged to two good friends of hers, Lavender Hollygriddle and Serendipity Stardance.

“Hi! What are you doing in my house so early?” She asked.

“We came to tell you something,” Said Serendipity.

“Yes! The latest post on the Pixie Postings has coming out!” Lavender said excitedly.

Excitement flared up inside Crystal like a firework. She quickly got dressed and followed her friends to Havendish Square, where the main Notice Board was in Pixie Hollow. Half way there, they saw Rose MorningMist, who was looking very miserable.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Crystal.

Rose sighed and said, “It’s the Pixie postings. There’s some very bad news posted on it… I won’t tell you what it is; because it’s probably better that you see it for yourself.”

Crystal and her friends flew on, accompanied by Rose, but now Crystal’s excitement had been replaced by dread.

Bad news? She wondered.

Before long, the four friends bumped into Sunshine Littlebelle, another good friend of Crystal’s, who looked just as gloomy as Rose was. She told informed them on the exact same thing that Rose told them – there was some bad news on the notice board that was better off being seen in person. Crystal found this was very strange, because Sunshine and Rose were very different.

Finally, they reached Havenish Square. Crystal raced to the Notice board, and read the newest notice with cold dread in her heart. Once finished, she knew exactly how Rose and Sunshine felt. It WAS bad news. VERY bad news.

Attention all fairies and Sparrow men!

Pixie Hollow is closing on September 19th 2013. Thank you for all your support. Until this date, all fairies will be given free Memberships. A portal will also be opened on the 1oth, which will transport you safely out of the Hollow. This portal will stay open until the end of the 19th. We thank you for all your Pixie Support!

Sincerely, the Never Council

Crystal’s heart sank like a rock. She felt like crying. In fact, she did cry. A lot. Lavender was so upset; she sped away from the Square in tears, back in the direction of her house. Serendipity decided not to stop creating issues of her newsletter, which she announced to Crystal and the others, tears welling in her eyes. Rose, seeing everyone so upset, said nothing, but tears streaked silently down her face. Crystal just stood there, hoping that it was all just some terrible nightmare. But it wasn’t long until she realized that it was really happening.

Help! She thought desperately. What am I going to do?

– ~~ –

Crystal Airshine – A month before closure

It was dawn when Crystal Airshine arrived outside the front door of her house. The sky was died in a bizarre crimson –pink color with touches of bright yellow and what was left of the blue sky. Traces of sparkles and pixie dust floated in the air. It was an unworldly sight – even for a world where fairies and all sorts of other magical creatures lived. It looked beautiful, but at the same time it caused her to feel distressed, like she was running out of time for something… but what? She couldn’t quite put her fingers on it. The atmosphere was really heavy; almost suffocating. The air ran dry and hot through her nostrils, as if poisonous.

How weird, she thought. It must be my imagination again – It’s really been messing with my head lately.

Yeah…that must be it.

With this concluding thought, she pushed herself to enter her house. Suddenly, she heard a terrifying noise, like a scream, only it sounded like it was the wind was screaming – no, more like nature itself had just let out a loud, desperate cry. She froze, feeling every inch of her skin numb with fear. Her senses were furiously captivating, recording and registering every single movement, every noise, every detail…

Suddenly, the ground crumbled, she felt like she lost the ground beneath her feat.


A voice was calling out for her among desperate cries. Then, without warning, everything went blank.

She gasped, opening her eyes and sitting up rapidly. A chill ran through her slender, tall body. She was lying in the floor. The window to her room was open, and the wind was blowing in.

“Must have been why I felt chilly.” she told to herself, trying to convince herself that that was really the reason.

She had that dream again. That same terrifying dream. And every time she woke up before she could figure out what was happening, and what was causing it.

She took a deep breath and let out a sigh, listening to the beats of her heart breaking the sound of complete silence. It was beating fast. Really fast.

Well, I better get up. I have a looong day waiting for me, she thought, still dazed from her dream – and what a dream, she thought, sighing.

A knock on the door brought her back to reality.

“Crys, are you in?” Asked a familiar voice. “Open up – it’s an emergency!”

She sat there, silent for a moment, trying to make her body move, as it was still numb from the dream.

“Come on Crystal – I know you’re in there so get your butt out here, I’ve gotta talk to you!”

“Alright, alright – I’m coming…” she yelled back. Finally finding the strength to move again, she stood up to answer the door.


When she opened the door, her best friend, Juniper, looked impatient.

“Finally, what took ya so long, huh?”

“Ugh, sorry… I was sleeping until you came yelling outside my house… What’s all this fuss about so early in the morning anyway Jun? What’s going on?”

“You won’t believe what just happened!!! You have to come see – come on!”

“Wait, where are you dragging me to Jun, I’m still on my PJs!!! Hey, did you hear me?”

“We don’t have time for that now! Come on we gotta get to the office!”

Five minutes later, the two friends arrived at the Pixie Post Office. A huge crowd was gathered outside of it.

A few fairies spotted Crystal, and ran in her direction.

“Crystal – you’re Crystal Airshine, right? You work here and you’re the editor of ‘Pixie Hollow’s Little Secrets’ magazine, aren’t you?”

“Um… Yes?” said Crystal, feeling a little dazed.

“So would you please mind explaining to us the meaning of this?!?!” Asked a fairy angrily, pointing out at a piece of paper stuck on the small Notice Board just outside the office.

Crystal looked at her, completely lost and yet amazed at the same time.

“I’m sorry – what?” she asked.

“You mean you don’t know?” Said the fairy, eyes widening. Crystal shook her head.

“Look.” She said, pointing at the notice once more. Crystal flew forward to take a closer look.

Attention all fairies and Sparrow men!

Pixie Hollow is closing on September 19th 2013. Thank you for all your support. Until this date, all fairies will be given free Memberships. A portal will also be opened on the 1oth, which will transport you safely out of the Hollow. This portal will stay open until the end of the 19th. We thank you for all your Pixie Support!

Sincerely, the Never Council

She gasped, her lungs desperately searching for air, even though she was surrounded by it, but couldn’t seem to take in a single breath.

“Crystal!” June exclaimed. “Oh my frogs, are you ok?”

She didn’t reply – she just looked at her friend with wide eyes and a terrified expression, and for some reason she got the sick feeling that she already knew this.

The dream, she realized. She didn’t feel shocked anymore – instead, she felt angry.

Ever since a newborn fairy, Crystal had always had a gift – a gift that she hadn’t ever told anyone about. She had the gift to see things – Images, mare fragments of places or situations that were bound to happen in the future often came in her dreams. However, she could never understand what she dreamt, nor where it was going to happen until it did. It had always been little, meaningless things. Like a place she once visited or a present a friend once gave her. Now however, it was serious…

What is the point of it? She wondered. What is the point of being able to see these things, if I am never able to tell them apart from common dreams? If only I had known my dream would come true earlier…

She looked away from the notice, ridding her mind of such thoughts. There was no meaning in thinking about it now. She had to act – fast.

She turned to Juniper. “We’ve got to find Marigold and Minerva – and fast.” She said in a fierce but calm voice, leaving no room for denial. Then, she took off into the morning light.

– ~~ –

Rose – 2 weeks before closure


It was early morning, and Rose was in her garden (after all, she was a Garden Talent), tending to her plants and humming a sweet melody whilst she worked. News that Pixie Hollow was closing hadn’t reached Rose yet – she never found the time to check her mail, as she was always too busy doing her hair and taking care of her garden – things that were quite important as a garden fairy. She finished pruning her shrubs, and walked inside to get a snack. She was halfway to the kitchen when she noticed her living room was overflowed with letters.

I should probably go through them, or soon I won’t be able to get to the bookcase, she thought sighing.

She entered the room, and sat down to tackle the mass of letters. She tried digging through the letters and picking them out one at a time, but it was no use – there were too many of them. After speculating how to get through them as fast as possible, Rose simply decided that she would just look through them one at a time. Most of the letters were months, even years old, except one. Rose rapidly took the diminutive letter, ripped the envelope off, and began read.

Attention Rose

Pixie Hollow is closing on September 19th 2013. Thank you for all your support. Until this date, all fairies will be given free Memberships. A portal will also be opened on the 1oth, which will transport you safely out of the Hollow. This portal will stay open until the end of the 19th. We thank you for all your Pixie Support!

Sincerely, the Never Council

Rose stared at the paper, re-reading it twice more before she came to a conclusion. This had to be some sort of silly prank, a joke some fairy must have sent to her. She threw it away without a second thought.

How very wrong she was.

Later that day, Rose visited Havenish Square to get some Pixie Dust from the Pixie Dust Mill. She flew by several fairies, all muttering about Pixie Hollow’s closure. Rose thought back to the letter she had received; and started to think that it was no joke. Still unsure, she tried to ignore the talk as she flew into the Pixie Dust Mill. As Terence handed her a sack of Pixie Dust she asked him if the closure was true.

“I received a letter, but I wasn’t sure if it was some prank.” She explained.

“Yeah, of course it’s closing. Everyone knows that.” Terence replied in a gloomy voice. Rose gasped and darted back home, collapsing onto her bed and sobbing uncontrollably. She felt lost – she didn’t know what to do. She had taken her time for granted, and spent her days trying to make herself look perfect. She had never even bothered to make herself useful, and now her home was going for good. She lay there for a long time, unsure of what to do. Then, a sudden thought of brilliance hit her.

She may have not helped in the past, but she was going to help now. She had to save the Hollow.

She just had to figure out how to first.

– ~~ –

Marigold Sunjewel – 20 days before closure

Marigold Sunjewel timidly entered The Ballroom, afraid of what she might find inside.

She had spent yet another sleepless night driving herself crazy with unanswered questions about Pixie Hollow’s closure. Deciding it was time to finally get some answers; Marigold had flown out of her house well before dawn and found herself hovering over Havendish Square. She had heard that something terrible was inside The Ballroom, and she needed to find out for herself if the rumors were true.

Given the hour, Marigold wasn’t at all surprised to find herself alone. The Ballroom was still setup for the pool party that had been for 2013 Camp Pixie Dust event, because it had been originally scheduled to run through September 10. No one had bothered to remove the decorations once it was announced that Pixie Hollow was closing. In fact, it seemed as though the entire Never Council and all the famous fairies had disappeared once the closure had been announced…

As she walked cautiously around the large swimming pool, Marigold noticed something glowing from a small platform in the center. Curious, Marigold flew to the center of the pool and realized the glowing object was a badge. But a badge for what? She wondered. When she picked it up and read the inscription, Marigold let out a grief-stricken gasp and nearly collapsed into water below her.

Pixie Hollow Farewell Badge

A badge to thank our loyal pixie community for all your support.

So, it’s true, Marigold thought, tears streaming down her cheeks. This truly is the end of Pixie Hollow…

Marigold cried and cried until she could cry no more, left in a sobering silence.

“I have to do something,” Marigold said out loud, even though there was no one but her in the room. “I have to save Pixie Hollow!”

– ~~ –

Ruby MorningMist – 12 days before closure

Ruby MorningMist hammered the notice into the Notice Board with anger so great, that the nail she was using poked out the other side.

“Ruby, it’s a nail, not a poisonous spider!” Exclaimed her sister, Rose.

Ruby sighed, and brushed her dark hair out of her face.

“Sorry.” She mumbled. To be honest, she wasn’t really listening. Her mind was far away; still on the news she had received seven days ago, at the start of it all…

It had started off as a pretty normal day. Ruby had awoken in her room in the Pixie Elite Force HQ, which held bedrooms for all the Heads above the Meeting Area. The sun had been streaming through her bedroom window, the birds singing, and the occasional snippets of chatter between two fairies filled her ears. She got up and dressed – a simple jacket and blue dress, the same as she did almost every day.

Ruby wasn’t (and never had been) a member, so her wardrobe only consisted of a few simple, miss-matched outfits; the outfit her old friend Dahlia had given her so long ago that the colours were now fading, the winter clothes Crystal Cutetwinkle had bought her and a few other items Ruby had saved up to buy and had purchased with Rose’s Membership badge. After a quick look in the mirror, she descended the stairs to have breakfast.

She had been reading when Rose had arrived, curled up in her favorite armchair in the Meeting Area (which also happened to be Rose’s chair when they had meetings). Two of the other Heads, Rachel Citrusstream, Second in Command and acting Head of Spells and Magic, and Isabelle, Head of Disguise, were sitting opposite her, chatting about their talent skills and their latest missions. The door opened, and all three fairies looked up. Standing in the doorway was Rose, hair windswept across her face, eyes red and puffy. Ruby and the other fairies surrounded her instantly, giving her hugs and asking what was wrong.

“I’m fine.” She mumbled; Rose was never really one for sympathy. Then she looked directly at Ruby.

“Ruby, we need to talk. “Now.” Her voiced had an edge to it that Ruby had never heard before – hatred, thought Ruby in surprise.

“Ok…” she said nervously. As they climbed the stairs, Ruby wondered what could have made her sister this upset and angry. Was it because she had been lounging in her chair? Probably not, she thought. They reached Rose’s room, and Ruby walked inside. Rose shut the door. Okay… if Rose doesn’t want anyone overhearing this news, thought Ruby, it can’t be good. She watched her sister with curiosity, waiting for an explanation, but it didn’t come.

“Rose…” Ruby’s said softly, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay?” Rose said nothing. “C’mon, you know can tell me anything.”

Slowly Rose looked up. Then, she took a deep breath and told Ruby the news that had been haunting her for weeks.

Ruby listened to the entire explanation, watching her sister trying not to cry. Once finished, the room was left in silence. Ruby sat down on Rose’s bed, to shocked to speak. At first, she wondered if she was dreaming, but she wasn’t.

This is real, she thought miserably. A tear escaped from her eyes and trickled down her cheek. Rose had sat down, and they had spent several minutes just sitting there, huddled together, as if they were young again, as if they were back in the orphanage, the place they had grown up in. Slowly, they had descended the stairs to break the news to the others…

Up until now Ruby had clung onto hope, hoping that her instincts were false and this was all just one long, bad dream, but staring at the notice that Rose herself had written, she knew it was no use.


As you all know, Pixie Hollow will be closing on the 19th of this month. The Pixie Elite Force is a society of fairies that have overseen keeping Pixie Hollow (and everyone in it) safe for many years, and Closure is no exception.

We would like to make sure everyone gets through the portal safely – that no fairy is left behind. PEF members will be stationed either side of the portal that is to open in 3 days’ time, to ensure that everyone gets through safely. Then, on the 19th, I myself along all the members of the PEF that are still in the Hollow will personally make sure that no one is left behind. For those who do wish to stay until the 19th, I ask that you meet about an hour before the closing in Havenish Square so that we can make sure that there is no congestion whilst you are exiting, and so that everyone can get out in time.

Kind regards,

– Rose MorningMist

Leader of the PEF

Finally tearing herself away from the words, she turned to her sister.

“Rose, are you sure you want to do this?” It was her last hope, the only thing keeping her faith alive, because if Rose, whose motto was that there’s always a way, thought the was situation hopeless…

Rose took a deep breath. Ruby had to admit, she looked terrible – her eyes were red and puffy, and there were dark lines under her eyes. “I’m certain. If Pixie Hollow is going to close, we should make sure that everyone gets out safely.”

Ruby felt her heart sink. She was startled, however, by a Garden Talent with long, golden hair pushing past her.

“Excuse me,” She muttered.

“Hey!” Ruby exclaimed, turning to see who it was, but by the time she did, the fairy had gone. Curious, she lent down to read the notice.

Sign the Petition to save the Hollow!

To find out more, go to The Ballroom. A PSS member will be there with the petition and should be able to answer your questions.

Please help us to get 5000 signatures!


The Pixie Salvation Soldiers

Ruby read the notice twice before turning to Rose, whose eyes were fixed on the stupid Closure notice the Never Council had put up at the beginning of all this.

“Follow me – I have an idea!” She exclaimed, grabbing onto Rose’s arm and pulling her towards the direction of The Ballroom.

“Wait a min- Ruby, slow down! What’s going on?” Asked Rose, looking utterly bewildered by this sudden change in mood.

“Come on! I’ll explain on the way there…”

– ~~ –

Marigold Sunjewel – 5 days before closure

“Marigold, I got 200 more signatures this morning!” a fairy happily announced as she entered Marigold Sunjewel’s house.

“Wow! Great job, Violet! That’s awesome!” Marigold replied, flying over and giving her friend a high five.

“Sorry I’m late, but so many pixies were asking questions about the PSS that I hung around after my shift to explain how they can join and help.”

“That’s nothing to apologize for, Violet! Thank you,” Marigold said, smiling.

Marigold had been determined to do whatever she could to stop Pixie Hollow from closing. Instead of taking advantage her free Membership and enjoying her last weeks in Pixie Hollow to the fullest, she organized a group called the Pixie Salvation Soldiers (or PSS for short). The PSS’s mission was to stop the closure by getting as many signatures as possible in a petition to keep Pixie Hollow open. Because many pixies had no idea that they could even try to save their beloved Hollow, it was up to the PSS to spread the word. The petition wasn’t a sure bet to keep Pixie Hollow open, but it was something concrete to show The Never Council how many pixies were fighting to keep the closure from happening.

The PSS began with just Marigold flying around nonstop to all the meadows and telling any pixie who would listen that they needed to sign the petition, and to spread the word that they could possibly stop the closure of Pixie Hollow. Once she had several pixies willing to help in shifts to get signatures, Marigold designated The Ballroom (a central point in Pixie Hollow) as a 24-hour location where any pixie could sign the petition. She even designed a special PSS outfit for members to wear.

Despite all the PSS members and all the signatures, as the remaining days dwindled down, Marigold had an increasingly bad feeling that Pixie Hollow’s fate would be unyielding without the aid from pixies with superior powers…

“Is everything ok?” Violet asked, seeing the worry on Marigold’s face.

Marigold instantly perked up and smiled brightly; she didn’t want anyone to see her doubting.

“Yeah, everything’s great! I guess I just wish we had more time,” Marigold replied.

“Don’t worry, Marigold,” Violet said, giving her shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “Your plan is going to work! We’ll get enough signatures and save Pixie Hollow!”

“Thanks, Violet,” Marigold said, still smiling.

“See you tomorrow!” Violet said, giving Marigold a hug and flying out the door.

The smile faded from Marigold’s face the moment Violet was out of sight.

We’re trying as hard as we can, she thought miserably. But will it be enough?

– ~~ –

Jade Vanillaflash – An hour before closure

I’m so selfish…

While everything is going to disappear today, I’m wearing a blue ball gown and sitting in my new 3 story house.

What’s wrong with me?

Shouldn’t I be sad? Shouldn’t I be trying save my home? Jade Vanillaflash smoothed her plum colored hair out of her purple eyes, and stared at herself in a mirror. She was wearing a sparkly blue one shoulder ball gown, a feather in her hair, and white heels.

She glared at her reflection. What was she doing?! Why was she wearing all this junk? And in a new shiny house, whilst she had thrown away the one she had had for nearly 5 years!

Angrily, Jade ripped off her dress, shoes, and yanked the feather out of her hair. Grabbing her arrival outfit, she slowly put it on, feeling like she was returning to herself, as if a piece of her had been returned. She was grateful that her hair had been virtually unchanged during the 5 years she had lived, and she still hadn’t changed it. She looked down at her purple daisy skirt, shirt with jagged short sleeves, purple flats with a flower at the tips, and finally at her accessories – a spiky blue head band, a simple blue necklace and her blue 3 string bracelet and anklets. Jade looked just as young as she had been when she arrived in Pixie Hollow.

She sighed and stared out the window at her home, her world. Now, it was all going to disappear. Storm clouds had been building near Spring Valley, and Jade had to leave soon, for there was now only an hour until Pixie Hollow was supposed to disappear forever. If she didn’t hurry, she would disappear along with it.

No. She would not allow herself to be lost. Jade called her butterfly, Zippyshimmer. He came over, a worried look on his face.

Jade pet her butterfly. “I know Shim, you’re scared. So am I. Maybe we can get a safe evacuation with the PEF. I doubt they have many members left in the Hollow, but maybe Rose MorningMist will still be around.”


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